Why Should You Not Ignore Bing Webmaster?

Why Should You Not Ignore Bing Webmaster

Admit it. You’re ignoring Bing Webmaster Tools. If you are, you’re not alone. Many content marketers ignore it. But we believe that you should not overlook it as it offers a rich source of data that can also improve your site’s ranking.

However, while it’s ideal not to ignore Bing Webmaster, you should still optimize your site and follow Google’s best practices as this tech giant has larger market share when it comes to search.

You should use Bing Webmaster Tools along with Google Search Console. In other words, here at SEO Expert Danny, we’re advocating the utilization of both.

Sadly, most of our clients don’t even have an account on Bing Webmaster Tools. That’s because most of them aren’t aware of the tool, and they don’t feel that Bing is vital.

But Bing is still a search engine, and it can be an important source of organic traffic. Yes, Google is still the paramount source, but Bing is the second-highest source. Even if it only provides 20 percent of your monthly traffic, you can’t afford to lose that traffic.

That’s because such traffic could generate leads and revenue.

Not Ignore Bing Webmaster

Another reason you must not ignore Bing Webmaster is that it powers AOL and Yahoo organic search results. That means, its reach is larger than what’s being reported.

But even without Yahoo and AOL, the market share of Bing is increasing steadily every year.

Bing Webmaster Tools also provides unique data and tools. You can use it to check your site’s performance in organic search and obtain data that Google might have missed.

You could use it to monitor your site’s security. Although Google has it, too, it’s ideal to have two sources where you can review security issues of your site. Remember, neither of the two is 100 percent perfect.

Bing Webmaster also offers tools that provide you with keyword ideas and some on-page SEO recommendations. It has keyword research tool similar to Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner. However, Bing’s tool offers a tool that compares organic keyword data and paid data.

It also has an SEO analyzer tool that provides feedback and recommendations on how to improve your web page.

If there are performance issues that you see in your Google Search Console, you can use the Bing Webmaster Tools to get the bigger picture of those issues. What’s great about Bing’s is that it also include reports fro Yahoo.

When you monitor both Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, you can have more data and gain a better view of your SEO performance.