July 21, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

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When you join our web design in Los Angeles, your Google ranking will increase overnight! It’ll only go up and up for as long as you’re with us!” There are plenty of digital marketing companies that tell clients something like that The task is long, it can be arduous, it is competitive, you may pull ahead at times, you may fall back at times, but as long as you’re continuing to move forward and keep pace, you have a genuine chance to win.

June 30, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

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After having seen all of these studies and articles saying that customers want “more positive marketing,” do you feel like your marketing isn’t positive enough? Have you looked at your marketing and thought: “OK, how can we make this more positive?”

June 16, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

does a form of marketing ever truly die

Does it feel like there’s something lacking in your branding? Do you want more folks to connect to your brand but aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing that? Even the best, most successful companies are always looking to improve their brand

June 9, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

turning your weaknesses into strengths to grow your company

No company is perfect. Everyone has something that they could do a bit better. It’s natural to focus on your weaknesses, places you could improve. Instead of thinking of your weaknesses as, well, weaknesses, think of how you can utilize them for the customer

June 3, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

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Have you been trying to figure out how to make your business appeal to as many people as possible? Does it seem like, while you’re appropriately focused on connecting to the customers you want to connect to, that your company should do more to reach more people?

May 26, 2021 Weekly Digital Marketing News

a common reason marketers make common mistakes

Does it feel like you’re stuck in the same place with your marketing? Have you felt like you’re making common errors over and over again? Even the best, most experienced marketers make mistakes.That’s simply the nature of the business.

May 20, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

confidence optimism and roi analyzing your outreach properly

“What’s the competition doing? Where are they putting their money?” While you almost never want to exclusively chart your course from that question, it is useful to know. When you know what others in your industry are doing