May 20, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

confidence optimism and roi analyzing your outreach properly

“What’s the competition doing? Where are they putting their money?” While you almost never want to exclusively chart your course from that question, it is useful to know. When you know what others in your industry are doing

May 5, 2021, Weekly Digital Marketing News

seo company in los angeles to give you the best bidding strategies

SEO can be a lengthy process. You can’t get the desired results after a day or two. Typically, SEO results can happen after a few weeks or months. That’s why many sites and eCommerce site owners integrate their SEO strategy with Google Ads. And to further quicken the process, they hire an SEO company in Los Angelesto do the bidding

April 28th, Weekly Digital Marketing News

untitled design

Google, in November, announced that “the page experience signals in ranking will roll out in May 2021.” That’s only a few weeks from now. It’s an opportunity to make your site better, to offer your customers more, and to have greater, further success.

March 31st Weekly Digital Marketing News

creative marketing work strategies that work

“Can you tell me what’s coming? What do you think is going to happen with marketing in the months to come?” OK, well, if there’s one thing that we’ve learned in the last year (if nothing else), it’s that the future is quite unknowable.

March 10, 2021 Weekly Digital Marketing News

website depot newsletter

is one of those clichés so ancient as to have lost all meaning. n my daily research for our full-service digital marketing and Google ads management company, I’ve come up with some questions that, from time to time, every few months or so, can be worth asking.

February 24, 2021 Weekly Digital Marketing News

unnamed x

“I want to be at the top of Google.” “When people search for keywords that have to do with my business, I want to be the first thing they see.” This might be the most common request we get. Of course, you want the top spot on Google for your business.