Jan 13, 2021 Newsletter

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How To Focus More On Your Business In 2021: Division of Labor

In our experience, small business owners have no shortage of resolutions for the new year. Getting more down, growing the business, hitting sales goals – during this time of renewal, business owners tend to think big. One of the potentially best, most effective ways to help the company rarely gets discussed: division of labor.

The Best Lessons To Learn From Success Stories


The best success stories are the ones that inspire. Someone came from nothing, stuck to it, preserved through failure, and then had massive success. Our full service digital marketing agency, Website Depot, is an example of that. In the depths of the Great Recession, Danny founded the company. Then, it grew exponentially over the next several years, continuing to rise today.

What To Learn About Marketing From The TeleHealth Industry


Formerly the “tech of the future,” it’s very much the “tech of the now.” Getting medical treatment can be difficult and time-consuming, even if you have good insurance. Telehealth is designed to work around that. There are lessons that your business can take from marketing this rapidly-advancing, exciting technology.

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Client Spotlight Interview: Jonah Larson

This week, host Greg Benevent interviews perhaps our youngest entrepreneur yet – 12 year old crochet prodigy, author and philanthropist Jonah Larson.

New TikTok Marketing Package Add-On Available

Get your business noticed with TikTok ad campaigns. Contact us for more for details.