December 9, 2020 Newsletter

smart planning for your  marketing

Smart Planning For Your 2021 Marketing

2020 is almost over. Mercifully. Here are some things to keep in mind for the year that was as well as the one to come.

Giving Your Customers What They Need To Connect With You


2020 has been a year of “workarounds.” How many times in meetings have you heard the phrases “new channels,” “new platforms,” “new ways to reach out,” etc.? I’m guessing it was often. Due to the pandemic, businesses of all kinds have had to alter what they were doing. Exploring new ways to get to your customers/clients has become the norm.

Utilizing Technology For Your Business The Right Way

“How hard could it be? Just doing my own marketing? Instead of hiring someone to come in and do it, just going through everything myself?” We’ve encountered so many small business owners over the years who’ve thought that.

Daily Digital Content for Your Digital Marketing Needs!

As part of Website Depot’s Podcast, we’re giving away tips and advice to help your business!

Client of the Week: Sober District

Sober District’s mission is to provide a comprehensive and community-based forum that provides encouragement, support, and guidance in an environment that provides the tools for clients to achieve their stated goals of continued abstinence.

Award-winning Premier Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency Website Depot is announcing that it will begin to offer special discounts on its SEO services to small businesses that operate locally. The Los Angeles SEO agency is dubbing this discount as its form of “COVID Relief Package” for small businesses.

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