December 16, 2020 Newsletter


Unsure What To Do For Marketing And Content?

Producing content for your company is a daily task. That’s true whether it’s social media, videos, email marketing, or something else. It is as critical to your day to day operation as taking out the trash, cleaning the common area, checking your email, receiving supplies, and so forth.

Don’t Let Destruction Creatively Destroy Your Company


The “creative destruction” of the market can be great. It can make it possible for new products, goods, services, and technology. However, no one wants to be in the “destruction” part of it. It’s easy to say: “well, I’ll just invent, do, or sell something new and I’ll be fine.” It’s something else entirely when entire industries (or more) are wiped out.

How Agility and Flexibility in Marketing Works

Maintaining flexibility and agility in your marketing is important. So is being able to turn on a dime, and a million other phrases that you’ve heard many times before.

Instead of simply filling the rest of this blog with more phrases, our full service agency of digital marketing found a great example of marketing flexibility in action.

Daily Digital Content for Your Digital Marketing Needs!

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Client of the Week: Arizona Sun

Arizona Sun skincare products are ideal for almost every day of the year and made with all-natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and PABA free.


Their current winter sale:

• Spend $45, receive 20% off with code HOLIDAY20

• Spend $100, receive 25% off with code HOLIDAY25

In light of the new stay at home order in LA County, please be safe and wear a mask everyone!