New Google Lighthouse Update Announced

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One of the most recent Google updates is the development of a new feature called Platform Packs for Google Lighthouse. This new tool allows you to audit specific data to a CMS, thus improving the quality of the audits with tips for your particular Content Management System. WordPress will be the first platform to receive it, but Google has the intention to offer Lighthouse Platform Packs for all most popular CMS and JavaScript Frameworks like React or Angular.

One of the main characteristics of this update is that Chrome Lighthouse Platform will provide CMS localized information. So for example, site audit information could incorporate useful advice on how to resolve render blocking resources on WordPress or how to supply properly sized images for WordPress.

google lighthouse

You can identify a theme or plugin that may be adding unwanted CSS when you want to reduce or switch the WordPress plugins that load unused CSS in your page by running code coverage in Chrome DevTools. Check for plugins with many stylesheets in the list and a lot of red code coverage. You can also enqueue a stylesheet with a plugin if it is actually used on the page.

Google Asks the Community for Feedback

In order to improve Google Lighthouse as much as possible, Google is openly asking the web development and Search Engine Optimization community to provide their feedback. In their official announcement they state: “We would love to hear any feedback you may have: Which platforms should we prioritize in the future after WordPress? Do you have a preference for how this feature will show up on your Lighthouse report? Any other suggestions?”.

There are three different ways to share your feedback with Google:

Google Lighthouse Elementals

For those who are not that familiar with Google Lighthouse, we will go back to its most basic traits.

Google Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool which ultimate goal is to improve the quality of our site’s pages. It can be run in any page, whether it is public or authentication needed. It features useful audits for accessibility, progressive web apps, performance among many other traits.

It is possible to run Lighthouse through Chrome DevTools, either form a command line or as a node module. You need to provide Lighthouse with the URL you want to audit and it’ll run several audits against the correspondent page. This will generate a report on such page’s performance and then, use the failing audits to indicate how to improve it. The audits come with a reference doc that explains the importance of each audit and how to fix every problem.

google lighthouse

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