Moving Beyond the Limits of Digital Marketing 

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There’s so much your company can do with online marketing. That’s true whether you need rehab, plastic surgeon, attorney SEO services, or anything else. Digital marketing is one of the most potent, powerful tools to reach potential customers and grow your business. 

But, there are some things it can’t do. 

If you’ve read any of Danny Star’s books, you’ll know that sometimes, you have to think outside of digital marketing. 

I reflected on that when I read some recent marketing articles. 



No Marketing Method is Ever “Dead” 


Some may be “out of favor.” Many will not reach the customers you want. But, essentially no form of marketing is ever truly “dead and gone.” 

For a great example of that, there’s this article from “Multi-Housing News.” 

As the CFO of a rental properties company said: “Because technology is not as ubiquitously used by seniors and low-income individuals, we need to make sure every resident has all the available information… During the peak of the pandemic, we were putting information (about available properties/services) in monthly rent bills to ensure everyone saw it, or in individual properties.” 

Additionally, “to communicate with our residents, we frequently shared flyers and information on the eviction moratorium and the rent relief extensions program.” 

So, they wanted to target the right customers/clients for their services. But, they knew that online marketing wasn’t the best (or only) way to go about doing so. Thus, they put the information where their people were absolutely sure to see it. 

During the pandemic, many companies pulled back from non-online marketing. Billboards, bench ads, that kind of thing – however, as the world continues to open up, it could be time to use those tried and true methods once again.



“There’s Always Something You Can Do” 


That’s something Danny said early on in the pandemic. The idea was that, no matter how bleak things might seem, no matter how powerless you might feel, there’s a positive step to take. You can do something, right now, no matter how small, to make your company better. 

That’s true today as well. It will also be true tomorrow. 

That occurred to me again when I read this great article on “Restaurant Marketing Tips for Summer Holidays.” 

It makes great points that can help so many businesses in addition to just restaurants. 

For example, it mentions how you want your website to load as quickly as possible (and never longer than three seconds).

Additionally, you should always make use of your Google My Business listings. When those are fully optimized, you can get more local visits than ever before. 

While the pandemic is winding down in many places, updating your COVID restrictions is always a good idea. That still shows customers/potential customers that you care about them as well as your workers. 

Honesty can almost always be beneficial. Whether it’s “acknowledging staffing issues,” (as the article mentions about the restaurant industry) or discussing how tough the pandemic was and what you’re doing now, honesty can help your marketing in many ways. 

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