More Ways to Help Your Customers and Your Ranking at the Same Time

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“We want to do more to help our customers, but we really have a focus right now on improving our Google ranking.” 

The truth is that sentence shouldn’t include the word “but.” 

If you’re doing more to help your customers, then odds are you’re also improving your Google ranking at the same time. 

Two recent changes from Google really hammer this home. 

As with anything else related to growing your business, our digital marketing in Los Angeles can help. 

digital marketing Los Angeles

How Many of These Google-Recommended Customer Support Methods Do You Utilize?

About a couple of weeks ago, Google Search Central put out a blog. “Highlight Your Customer Support Methods in Google Search” touched on five different methods to utilize. 

When you have a minute, read the first couple of paragraphs of that blog. 

“You can help (Google) with this by following several best practices that help ensure we’re showing the most accurate information for your business or service. In turn, following these best practices help ensure that people are directly contracting a business, rather than reaching a third-party claiming to have an authorized relationship that can’t be verified.” 

Short of someone from Google sitting next to you and gently elbowing you in the ribs, Google is trying to tell you this can help your business. 

As “Google works to show the best available information to help (customers) in a variety of ways whenever we can,” Google wants you to do this. Moreover, your customers do too. They don’t want to deal with fraudulent information when they want to do business with you. 

So, you should add a contact/support page to your site. Layout the support methods you have, up to and including a phone number with recorded support information. Let people know if you do or don’t work with third parties for support. Of course, we’ve helped our clients with all of that over the years as well. 

digital marketing Los Angeles

A New Way

Just today, Google made it easier for businesses to “enable key moments for videos on your site.” In a blog “A New Way to Enable Video Key Moments in Search,” Google showed how this works. Basically, “key moments are helping more people connect directly with the most relevant segments of videos, and navigate them like chapters in a book.” 

Basically, with this, folks can find the parts of the video they want to watch. Instead of having to wait through something, they can go right to it. 

Google, of course, always wants to offer its customers the best of everything. So, you get this, where customers can save even more time. 

Now, if you follow what Google has laid out here, are you going to immediately rocket up 67 spaces to the top spot on Google? 

Unlikely. At best. 

But, this will help. 

Moreover, it will certainly help your customers. 

As part of a full-service digital marketing package, with SEO, social media marketing, content, and more, it can help you to climb very high indeed. 

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