More than a Friendly Wave: Online Marketing During the Pandemic 

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Hopefully, you’ve never been so ill or injured that you had to miss a large amount of work or school days. If that did happen to you, maybe you put daily (or more frequent) social media posts updating your condition. Alternatively, perhaps you stayed away from social media entirely for the duration of your recovery. 


If you did the latter, you may have felt what it’s like to put up that first, initial social media post that says something like: “Hey everyone! Sorry to be away for a while, but I’m OK!” Then, you may find that not nearly as many of your friends and followers liked it as you may have hoped. Perhaps some folks even unfollowed you since you were away for a while.  


If that’s what it’s like for a person, imagine what it’s like for a business. As of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, even as more and more businesses are opening up. However, if people don’t know that your business is still around and operational, they’re unlikely to pay for your goods and services. After all, it is rather difficult to patronize a business you’re unaware exists. That’s where SEO and digital marketing come in. 


Give Them Something They Can Use 


We’re not saying to just spam your social media accounts or anything like that. “We’re still in business!!!” may be the subtext of what you let people know, but it probably shouldn’t be the actual text. Instead, what’s worked for a lot of our clients is to give your customers (or potential customers, clients, and so forth) information they can actually use. 


As many more of us are starting to venture out of our homes more, go to more public places than we did during the pandemic, practically every one of us is trying to find a way to navigate “living our lives” and “staying safe from the virus.” So much of this is about adjusting our behavior, finding ways to interact with the world in a safer way. You might consider using your forums in a way to show people how they can be safer from your point of view. 


If you’re a restaurant or a business related to food, provide tips and advice on how people can go out to eat (or go out to get food, etc.) while staying safe from the virus. We have dentist clients who show patients how they’re following safety protocols recommended by the ADA, as well as piano teachers who show how to clean your piano (or a public piano) after you play. 


If you’re in doubt, ask yourself: “what would I want to know before I engage in this activity?” By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, so to speak, you can better see how your content can engage with people where they really and truly are. 


Full-Service for All Seasons 


Of course, those posts are just one way that we can help you here at Website Depot. It seems like we’re always saying some variation of “digital marketing is more important than ever,” but every time it’s true. It was true when 2020 started, it was true when everything was locked down, and it’s certainly true now that more of the world is starting to open up again. 


If you’d like some help with that or anything remotely similar, you can reach out to us through this site or call (888) 477-9540.