Modern yet Responsive Web Design for your Small Business

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Responsive Web Design (RWD) forms a vital component of any small business initiative targeting attraction of visitors regardless of the gadget they utilize to access the internet. Various electronic devices are presently used for this purpose, including tablets, laptops, mobile phones and even traditional PCs. RWD is essential for ensuring compatibility of different mobile gadgets with your website, therefore facilitating online users to access it conveniently at their discretion.

Responsive web design refers to automatic reformatting of a web page to enable it adjust to any type of screen which viewers of your website are using. This ultramodern web development concept leads to more ‘intelligent’ websites for improved user experience. Your online site gains greater influence in attracting viewers as it is designed having them in mind.

RWD plays a paramount role in any successful SEO campaign. It forms the basis of how well you achieve online presence for potential customers to access your products and services. Search engines, especially the major ones are designed to reward websites that are responsive. Employing refined RWD practices is thus the best way of capturing mobile-based audience. Expect for your website ranking to improve remarkably once you begin applying this concept.

It is advisable to have a mobile-friendly landing page to facilitate access by users of mobile gadgets. You can also provide a choice to visitors on whether to utilize your mobile site or a different version of browser. Though simple, majority of web users greatly appreciate having such options. Another way of attending to mobile users is through internal redirects and links. Utilizing two distinct URLs is however not a commendable practice as it can dilute your visits and kits, apart from dividing search engine results. This is because you would be optimizing and working concurrently on two websites, leading to two distinct rankings. Appropriating Responsible Web Design facilitates you to operate just one site and URL, yet enjoy the benefits of a mobile-friendly and highly accessible online site.

Operating a single website also delivers better SEO gains than running two of them. Practicing this fact makes it unnecessary to duplicate content. As well, all your natural activity and back-links get indexed under a single main URL. Google ranking is in particular affected by author rank, website-authority, page rank and level of natural-traffic engagement. Dividing all that in-between two websites makes it difficult maintaining high ranking at all times. Ensure consulting with a specialized ICT professional to enjoy the benefits of responsive web design.