Micro Moments : A recap of our Google Partners Connect 5-4-16

Google Partners connect
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Todays Google Partners Connect event was another great success. It’s always great to sit down with your partners at Google and review the latest trends in online marketing. Today’s event we reviewed the expanse of mobile traffic, and it’s ability yet again to dominate the e-commerce experience. More and more traffic every year is coming from mobile devices, which in turn is changing the way we as google partners build, market, and operate websites on a daily basis.

Google Partners connect

When it comes to finding your business online, Google revealed over 87% of consumers looking for a new product do research online prior to entering an actual brick and mortar business. This is crucial data for anyone running a business because your online presence now dictates whether or not people go to a physical store. After that, another stat showing 50% of consumers visit a store within a day of searching.  These all fall into the theme of the event, which was Micro Moments.

Micro moments for Google and Google Partners are the times we take to research information on our devices in tiny, instant bursts. Take for example waiting in line at the grocery, and you’re researching an affordable oil change on your smart phone. Or you’re mailing a package at the post office, and you need to find out the zip code for a city in Florida, this is a micro moment, and they’re becoming extremely important in the online marketing world. Optimizing your presence online is something that will soon become standard, and we’re happy to help anyone build their brand and name online in the best way possible.