How to Master PPC Marketing?

How to Master PPC Marketing

PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing will be huge this year for mobile and social advertising. Social networks have new features allowing companies to connect with more clients and buyers while they share their stories.

Here are some ways to master it.

Never ignore mobile PPC

In a study conducted, it showed that more people are searching using their mobile devices than their desktop computers. It means that the growth in PPC advertising is driven mostly by mobile device users.

That said, it is more important now than it was before to ensure that your marketing is also optimized for mobile users.

On your ads, make sure that they have a click-to-call action button. It will allow mobile searchers to click on that number and connect with you through the phone.

It is also vital that you optimize your landing pages for tablets and smartphones. Because the attention span of mobile Internet users is short, make sure that those pages are responsive and loads fast.

Use Pinterest ads

Pinterest added a new feature allowing brands to upload and schedule their promoted pins. With this new feature, advertisers can reach their customers based on keywords. It is a feature that you can’t have in Facebook ads.

With it, you can create better, higher-quality ads related to the users you are targeting. Then, consumers can use it to be informed buyers.

When you do use Pinterest ads, make sure that you use CTA in your descriptions. However, the CTAs must be subtle to improve conversion rates without being too sales.

You should also start your Pinterest campaign with higher ad bids as the traffic from this social networking is relatively cheap.

But make sure that you test your Pinterest ads continuously to figure out what is working for you. In this way, you can avoid overspending on an ad that does not work.

How to Master PPC Marketing

Make use of targeting and remarking

In 2015, Google Adwords announced the inclusion of Customer Match on its advertising platform. This feature allows PPC marketers to target their customers using their emails.

It was a welcome feature that allows marketers to combine it with remarketing. Doing so will help reach their customers wherever they are.

When remarketing is mixed with mobile advertising, it becomes a powerful tool.

For instance, if a person clicks your Google Adwords using a desktop, that person could see a remarketing ad on his/her mobile device.


These tips on how master PPC marketing can step your game up. Put these tips into practice and let us know how your ads are doing.