Lawyer Marketing Agency to Set Up Geo-Targeting Correctly

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Lawyers have various ways to promote their practice to reach their target audience. Geo-targeting is a lawyer marketing trick that has been proven to be helpful. 

If you are a bankruptcy lawyer, your target audience could be businesses in your local surroundings. It’s a powerful strategy but not all legal sites are utilizing it. 


Get-Targeting as a Lawyer Marketing Strategy 

This strategy tackles a specific perimeter. When someone carries a device and enters that perimeter, that person may see your ads. 

Or when that user searches for a bankruptcy lawyer on Google while they are in that perimeter, they will see your site. 

To ensure that your law practice is seen by your right audience, you need to implement the right geo-targeting tricks. 

Keywords are pricey in the legal industry. It’s a waste of your dollar if you bid outside of your geographic region. 

Geo-targeting is especially beneficial in improving relevance while reducing waste. It can also help you get quality traffic and leads. 


Creating Local Landing Pages 

Apart from hitting geo-targeting strategy right, you also need to create local landing pages. 

The reason it is a helpful strategy is because your clients won’t be searching for a company. Rather, they are looking for the best bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles, for instance. 

These local landing service pages can be the first page on your site that your potential clients can find. With that in mind, they have to make a good first impression on your clients. 

Ensure that these pages convert on their own. One way to ensure that the service page converts is to ensure that it has a clear call to action. 

You should also not skip on your content. Include something that your users might want to discover about your service on that page. 

However, avoid using too much legalese. They know that you are a lawyer. But if you place intimating paragraphs that they don’t understand, they still won’t be impressed. 

The service landing pages should also highlight your expertise and experience. Although these details are on your about us page, your client might not see that page. 

The goal of a service landing page is to collect as many leads as you can while they are on that page. 

And make sure that your landing page is lengthy. By lengthy, it means that it should be keyword-rich content with helpful information. But you don’t need to publish a page that’s 5,000 words long. If you can say it in less than 1000 words, then that would be great. 


Use a Chatbot 

Chatbots are a form of AI. They act like chat support but there are no humans behind them. They are useful as they can direct your users to resources that can answer their inquiries. 

They can help you save on human resources. However, you must still ensure that they can reach out to human beings to answer their questions. 


How Can We Help? 

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