Making Your Holiday Emails and Checking Them Twice 

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As a child I wondered: “how does Santa deal with all of those letters?” 

As an adult, I realize: “probably better than I do with the holiday emails I get.” 

Think about what it takes to get you to actually look at a holiday email from a company. 

Then, think about what it takes to get you to actually look at a holiday email from a company that doesn’t offer something you’re interested in right now. 

High bar, isn’t it? 

That’s true for just about everybody. 

The phrase “the holidays are right around the corner” is seemingly said just about every week after the 4th of July on. 

However, as of this writing, December 3rd, the holidays really are right around the corner. 

There are some actions you can take to make your emails really stand out this holiday season (even at this late day). 



Personalize for Fun, Profit, and to Not Be Spam 


I knew there were a lot of spam emails. 

But, I had no idea of just how many spam emails there really are. 

This group found that “45% of all emails are spam.” 

That’s almost half. 

Moreover, “email spam costs businesses $20.5 billion every year.” That comes from “decreased productivity and technical expenses.” 

Now, this isn’t a blog about how bad spam is, but rather, how you can keep your holiday emails from being dismissed as spam. 

There are technical ways to do it, of course. 

Another, easier to control way: personalize your emails. 

When I write an email for a client, I go back to my own experience of applying for jobs. 

Sure, many of the emails I sent were similar. 

But, they had specific changes for each different company I was applying to. 

You can’t do that for every potential customer/client, etc. 

However, you can for every different block or demographic of customers. 

For example, a company that sells flashlights could send out an email about tips for camping. Another could be about where you should store your flashlights around your home. Those target different, specific groups. They’re very, very unlikely to be seen as spam (unless really poorly designed). And, on top of all of that, if they have a good subject line (“What You Need to Know About Camping,” “Best Flashlight Storage Spaces in Your Home,” etc.) they’re likely to get folks to open them. 

Not every company sells flashlights, obviously, but there’s probably something you can do that’s similar to that. 


“Show, Don’t Tell” Becomes “Interact With, Don’t Tell” 


As “shopping online” eventually becomes just “shopping,” folks are going to be looking for more ways to engage with brands. 

“Engage with brands” is one of those marketing cliches that’s seemingly meaningless. In this context, I just mean “show something cool.” That’s it. 

So, when someone opens your marketing email, give them something unique. What we often do here at Website Depot is to have something interactive. 

You can see a restaurant’s dishes scroll, for example. With some of our retail clients, you might be able to get a 3-D look at the clothes. 

Now, that’s not exactly the same as picking the garment up and trying it on in a changing room. 

But, it’s something that can make your company stand out from the rest. 

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