Making Consumer Behavior Shifts Work for Your Holiday Marketing 

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The 2020 Holiday Season will be different than ones in the past. 

Ideally, this is an opportunity to make up for any revenue you lost due to the pandemic. 

Seeing how holiday spending worked in the past can give you some idea of how it will go. 

That said, you want to take into account how consumer spending changed during the pandemic, too. 

By combining those, you can be in the best position possible to really take advantage of the holiday. 


More Online Buying, But Different Kinds of Online Buying 


With more than 90 years in management consulting as well as thirty-thousand workers in 130 cities, McKinsey & Company are a truly global company. 

Their report on “Navigating Shopper Behaviors in the Pandemic” can be very useful. 

First off, more people are shopping online. They found “37 percent of consumers (are) planning to shop more online this year.” 

That said, they aren’t sticking with what they know. 

“40 percent of consumers have tried new brands during the pandemic, and that behavior will continue over the holiday shopping period. Only 12 percent of the consumers indicated that they will shop from the same retailers and brands as they did last year.” 

So, that’s a great opportunity for your business. 

If you have your eCommerce in place, then you have a great chance of getting these customers. How do you do that? You have to reach out to them. 


Personalized Campaigns


If you’ve read our blogs for any length of time, you know that we believe social media is an important tool. 

However, it’s just one tool. 

When used in conjunction with other tools (SEO, web design, and so forth) it becomes that much more powerful. 

This holiday season, social media can very much be “the right tool for the job.” 

The McKinsey & Company study found that “31 percent of consumers say social media could trigger a gift purchase.” Additionally, “25 percent say personalized campaigns could initiate a purchase.” 

So, you want to specifically target these customers. 

Better still, it seems you’ll be able to specifically target customers that may have previously only bought from your competitors. 

This holiday season will be challenging for many. It will be unlike any other. However, it is a fantastic opportunity. To spend time, even virtually, with those you love most, of course. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity for your business. 

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