How to Make a Follow-Up on Link Requests?

How to Make a Follow Up on Link Reques

Link building is vital for SEO. Although some SEO experts are saying that it’s a dead tactic, link building is still an effective method of building a successful SEO campaign. But you need to build links properly.

One of the ways to create incoming links is to make a request. Unfortunately, some site owners don’t respond immediately.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the ways on how to make a follow up on link requests. It’s important to remember that following up several times will make you a spammer. But other site owners need to be reminded to respond to their emails. And they do appreciate a follow-up. They just don’t like to be nagged.

Follow up more than once

Not following up on link requests will make you a lazy person. You can’t expect everyone to respond to your initial email. Some people just forget to answer. Others don’t see your emails. So, you need to make a follow up more than once and then stop.

Tweet the person

It’s also a good thing to tweet the person you emailed to get his attention. Perhaps, your email went to spam. Through Twitter, he’ll be reminded about the link request you’ve made. However, you need to make sure that the person is active on Twitter.

Another reason you must consider tweeting the site owner is that this platform is public. In that case, the subject may respond faster than when you reach out to him on email. However, you should only do it judiciously.

How to Make a Follow-Up on Link Requests

If you’ve sent that person, say, five emails and he didn’t reply, then it probably means that he doesn’t want to respond. In this case, you shouldn’t attempt to tweet him to make him feel guilty of not responding to your link request.

It’s okay to tweet to make a follow up after sending him two emails. The person may check out his email. If he saw that you’d emailed him multiple times, it’d only annoy him. Chances are, he won’t respond to your tweets.

How to make a link request through email?

One important thing to remember when sending a link request via email is not to send the person an auto-generated email. Instead, make it a personalized letter. Talk about who you are and compliment the person’s website.

Then, tell him that you’ve been a reader of his blog and that you noticed he had made some posts related to your niche.

When making an email, make sure that it’s brief. Keep in mind that your recipient may not have time to read a very lengthy link request.