Machine Learning in SEO: How does it Work?

Machine Learning in SEO
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Machine Learning in SEO is one of the most crucial areas to take care of when it comes to rank a website on SERPs. This is a term that has seen a growing popularity in these days, but not too many people actually know how it works. According to the Stanford University, ‘machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed’. Sometimes it can be confused with AI, as it’s getting more and more difficult to establish differences between them.

Understanding Machine Learning

Machine Learning is essentially a system whose purpose is to solve a problem.  This solution is produced mathematically and can be programmed, providing faster results. It’s usually more predictable than Artificial Intelligence. The major Search Engines are investing lots of resources to push the evolution of machine learning.

A typical machine learning model provides a system with a specific set of data. This data has  multiple variables connected to a result that can be positive or negative. This gives the system a starting point to understand and recognize factors to produce a positive result. After this, the system receives new data. Every time it selects the right data, the system receives a reward value. And once this value is high enough to surpass an existing system, the machine learning algorithm is integrated as a whole.

machine learning in seo

Applications of Machine Learning in SEO

Rankbrain was Google’s first implementation of a machine learning algorithm into search engine optimization. To this day it’s one of their most relevant updates. Built with an understanding of entities and assigned to understand how they connect to a specific query, assist to a better understanding of it and thus provide the most accurate answers. Machine learning is applied on Rankbrain to constantly learn the connections and relationship between entities, replace and fix words that might be synonyms and guide other parts in the algorithm to produce the correct SERP.

A more complete comprehension of machine learning leads to a better understanding on how and why SERPs are laid out and why they rank the way they do. Understanding the system in which an algorithmic factor is weighted is crucial. It’s part of Google’s continuing efforts of giving the most specific results for certain query. Machine learning takes that to a new level of specification and personalization for each individual.

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