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Danny Star and his team at SEO Expert Danny offers search engine optimization services to Los Angeles Business owners in order to improve their organic traffic and revenues. We won’t promise that your site will be number one for a certain keyword overnight. But we’ll make sure that your site will show up at the top search results as the days go by.

Our company specializes in driving targeted traffic. Organic traffic is important to every website. The reason for this is that online users would usually click links through organic search results than to click paid ads.

When your website appears on top 5 search result in Google, your link will be more likely to be clicked by the users. Apart from that, inbound leads through search engine are way cheaper than getting outbound leads. They also convert higher. Search Engine Optimization Los Angeles helps you rank in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization

What SEO Expert Danny Will Do?

After getting to know each other, our team will start analyzing your website to know everything about it. From there, we can identify good links and bad links. This process is called website audit.

Each aspect of your site will be scrutinized. We’ll take note of what’s good, bad and what needs to be improved.

When we scrutinize your site, we’re not going to talk about the color scheme your site is using. Instead, we’re going to talk about what those little things that you’ve overlooked that might have been causing your ranking to drop.

Those little things shouldn’t be taken for granted as they’re usually the ones that can get you bigger revenue.

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research

Los Angeles Search Engine OptimizationAs  Search Engine Optimization experts , we’ll conduct a strategic keyword research to maximize your audience size using the right terms. When the keywords are properly implemented, targeting the right keywords will give you an airtight game plan for a better traffic later on.

In addition to searching for keywords, we’ll also provide you better social media campaigns. These days, SEO and social media go hand in hand. However, for your social media campaign to be effective, it must be tailored to your audience. And we can do that for you.

Even though link building is discouraged by Google, it’s still an essential element in your SEO campaign. Our team will give your site relevant incoming links for greater authority. We’ll find you quality links to boost your website’s traffic and ranking.

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