Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization: Understanding User Intent

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization

Understanding your user intent is vital to give your audience the best content that they are looking for. Our Los Angeles search engine optimization team found that search intent can be of two things. 

First is that users look for information related to the key phrase they used. Second is that users are simply finding general information about the phrase.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization in Learning What Users Want 

To get conversions, you must understand the user’s intent to bring people to your site. Some searchers are looking for general information. Once they have that information, they will start narrowing down their options and be more specific. If they are looking for a laptop, they will search for the brand and model. The ending is that if they are satisfied with the information they have gathered, they will make a final purchase after looking for the best deals. At each stage of that process, users utilize different phrases. Each user has an intent. It could be navigational, transactional or informational. Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization

Navigational User Intent 

Monitoring navigational search terms is a way for you to find out if branding is working. If a person types related terms, he might have heard of you. You can find navigational terms through Google Analytics. Click Organic Search and find the keyword phrases that people are using. The phrases that include your brand are navigational user intent. With navigational queries, when people look and find you, they will definitely click you. 

Informational Keywords 

When people are not ready to buy yet, they simply want the information to help them in decision making. Informational keywords can still give you sales if you provide them useful information that they will need to make an informed decision. To optimize your site, try finding informational key phrases on Google Analytics. Then, insert them in your description. Use Google Ads Keyword Planner to search for more informational keywords related to your content. 

Transactional User Intent 

When you study your keywords data, you will discover some transactional phrases. They are key terms typed in by users who are ready to buy. For instance, if a user types in, “Nike 101 shoes,” the intent could be informational or transactional. However, if the user types in specific models and details and adds “buy” in the phrase, then that user is ready to purchase that product. Looking at your transactional keywords, you might find that your visitors did browse your site, like visiting your about page, contact page, and pricing page. Best Way to Know User Intent Those keywords can be difficult to find. But with some online tools, you can get a picture of what your users really want. However, the best way to know about it is to ask them. How? You could start customer surveys, social media, reviews, and polls. Because user intent can go beyond keywords, you must ask your customers through surveys and polls what content they want to read on your site. These things are quite complicated to carry out, especially if you are busy running your business. Hence, it is in your best interest to leave this job to the Los Angeles search engine optimization experts. Contact our SEO specialists today to find out more about our SEO services: (855) 605-7361.