Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization for Modern SERPs

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization

Tracking your rank is vital to find out if your Los Angeles search engine optimization investment is giving you a return. When you rank high on modern SERP, your site will experience organic traffic. If traffic is handled correctly, it gives you several leads. 

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization on SERPs 

Google always changes its algorithm to improve its user experience. That’s why in 2004, it utilized specific data points to have a better understanding of the search intent and give users tailor search results. A year later, it introduced personalized search. That’s when SERPs populated all users who are logged in. Because of that, what you are seeing on your device may not automatically match up with the rank tracking tool you are using. Google provides personalized search results according to your location, SERP behavior, previous history, and your device. Rank tracking tools are taking a holistic view. Los Angeles Search Engine OptimizationIf a query involves local perception, you may notice that the Google Home Service carousel may show up. The search engine giant also launched the People search for to its SERPs and Knowledge Panels. For these features, modern SERPs are not created equal. Thanks to the personalized search results that Google introduced. 

The Intent Behind the Queries 

Google wants the best experience for its searchers. Thus, it has developed several tools to better understand the intent behind the queries. As its search engine algorithm evolved and developed, it could now offer search results that best match the user’s intent. Queries can have various interpretations. And Google considered it in a single SERP. To satisfy different interpretations, there is no more a ladder structure in the SERP positions. Everything is weighed and calculated according to some factors. 

Short Queries 

They have a high search volume. With these queries, you will be competing against informational domains, like NHS and WebMD. Most of these queries involved PPC ads. In that case, there are several clickable links for users. For a branded query, the intent here is clear and direct. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget. It is especially true if the brand name is synonymous with a product name. Thus, ranking for competitor brand terms can be an alternative option. Google will continue to change and amend its algorithm. That’s why its tool is not a finished product. Most of the changes are unnoticed as many of them are minor. When you notice some changes, it will check and it may not see any major changes on its end. Because Google continues to work on a certain query level, you will notice fluctuations in the ranking. It can be difficult to understand. That’s why it is vital to work with a search engine optimization agency to look at your site’s data. From there, it can give you some suggestions on how to improve ranking based on the data seen. The modern SERPs, as mentioned earlier, are not created equal. To better understand how search engines rank your site, you should consider working with our Los Angeles search engine optimization team. We can analyze your data and create strategies based on the data. Call us today at +1 (213) 322-0770.