5 Best Free Tools for Keyword Search

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Searching for information about something on the internet is a lot simpler and easier if you knew the right words to use. People who work on search engines know about keywords as these are the foundation of SEO and the achievements of an SEO expert are largely dependent on selecting the best keywords. local SEO professionals in LA can boost this process.


Today we have keyword research tools that pull statistics on terms and phrases that you frequently use so you don’t have to spend too much time and effort when searching for information online. Here are some of the best ones you to use suggested by the local SEO professionals in LA.

local SEO professionals in LA


(1.) Ahrefs


This is a popular keyword research tool mainly used to check backlinks. But, what most people don’t to take into account is that you can use this tool for much more. 


Ahrefs has helped the research industry change for the better and with it, SEO has become a lot simpler. Ahrefs has a massive data index and this feature makes it one of the most sought-after keyword research tools available.


(2.) SEMRush


SEMRush is a balanced SEO tool for you to very effectively use across crawling, domain monitoring, and keyword research. This keyword research tool has genuinely innovative features including SEO ideas to provide your business with a serious edge.


Most small to medium-sized business marketers find this very effective as it delivers what they most need out of an SEO tool. SEMRush offers a wide variety of functionalities across ongoing search position crawling and monitoring, and ad-hoc keyword research.


(3.) UberSuggest


UberSuggest gives you insights into strategies that have been effectively used by others in the market. Use and improve these strategies to gain an advantage. Using the top SEO services, pages report enables you to find out which of your competitor’s pages have good ranks for popular keyword phrases.


You get more than a hundred suggestions using this keyword tool – from head terms to long-tail phrases. To make things easier, UberSuggest generates a list of keywords for you based on works for the competition and on what people type in Google.


(4.) Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is one aspect of the PPC program of AdWords. Aside from being an excellent tool in finding out keywords used for paid campaigns, it also does as well for organic search. Use this tool at no charge and has been in existence for almost 20 years now.


Since the year 2000, AdWords has tremendously grown and accounts for more than 90% of Google’s revenue. Accuracy is the best advantage when you use a keyword tool directly from Google and you get the assurance that the data you get is extremely accurate. After all, they pull the information from their own servers.


(5.) Keyword Surfer


With Keyword Surfer, you take the keyword game a notch higher. This tool allows you to locate phrases with the same results for searches as Google. If the same pages rank for another keyword, there is a possibility for you to rank for it also.

In the expert opinion of Danny Star, the SEO superhero in Los Angeles, the best way to identify significant keywords is by comparing their SERP similarity. By doing this, you obtain a number of keywords that generate similar search results in two categories – regular questions and search terms. That way, you get more ranking keywords to attract more organic traffic.