Local Google Partners SEO service INC team up with local artists and businesses to launch interactive map of Silver Lake

Google partner SEO service INC Inc, a Silver Lake based web development firm, has teamed up with local artists and businesses to create an interactive multi platform map. By connecting old school mediums with new technology, visitors and locals alike are given the chance to experience Silver Lake as an interactive app, map, and website. The mission is to connect people in Los Angeles with a no nonsense approach, as quickly and easily as possible. 40 thousand surrounding households will be receiving Silver Lake maps directly in their mailbox, as well as 100+ local businesses carrying them on location. Over 100 thousand plus will be rolling out into circulation this May 2014, complete with QR codes, illustrations and local listings, enabling people to discover neighborhood gems they may have never heard of. The concept was developed by SEO service INC CEO Danny Star, who as a young boy helped his father’s publication company develop and distribute maps of his home town. The Silver Lake Map (#silverlakemap) has been developed as means to connect people with the Silver Lake Business Community. “We are connecting classic print design with new technologies integrated with Google API maps, web listing, QR navigation” – Danny Star.
People visit Silver Lake everyday to admire its architecture, great parks, and cultural happenings without any means of direction. With a Silver Lake map in their hands, an app on their phones, and a website to reference, people can navigate Silver Lake as fast as they want. If a person came to Silver Lake for a sidewalk sale, but then wanted to find a shoe store or a Sushi restaurant, they can reference the map, or check their phone instead of searching online. Los Angeles is a busy place, leaving little time for research over where a person is to go for food, drinks, clothes, and other services without scouring Yelp reviews. This user friendly method poses the potential to enhance the neighborhoods reputation for variety while boosting local economy, putting lesser known business on the map as equals. With SEO service INC’s launch of the Silver Lake map entitled “Silverlandia”, local businesses can be a part of the project by applying for listings. With the deadline approaching, Silver Lake Business owners are encouraged to reserve their spots as soon as possible.

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