Loading Times Are Holding Back Smaller and Low-funded Websites

We have done extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work at SeoExpertDanny.com and we have discovered several advantages that larger branded websites have that you do not. The obvious advantages are things like name recognition, high-level affiliate advertising, and marketing teams. However, one of the less-known benefits are loading times.

We Optimized To 100%

Do you remember when people used to say that a WordPress website could be optimized 100%? Well it is still true, and yet it takes years of expertise to get it that way. That is where we come in, yet there is always something that holds back smaller websites that have less funding.

 Many of the factors that affect loading and render times are out of your control. Render time is the time it takes from a browser going from white to actually loading the first item. We can optimize your website so that it renders and loads as quickly as possible, within 0.3 seconds on mobiles with Wi-Fi enabled. We can strip down your loading times so that your website loads as quick as a Wikipedia web page. Yet, that is as far as we can go. It is as far as anybody can go.

The Rest is Handled by Your Host

Larger companies that are well funded can afford the very best hosting services, they can afford to host their own websites on servers that they control. Most other websites have to use shared hosting because it is cheaper and it drags your render and loading speeds down.

Do not get us wrong, we at SeoExpertDanny.com can do a great deal to lower your render/loading times. We can do things like reduce your JavaScript execution time, minimize your main-thread work, we can serve static assets with an efficient cache policy, we can even reduce the impact of third-party code. But, in the end, your host has final say on your rendering and loading times.

Why Does Render and Loading Times Matter?

What we do is fix up and optimize your website repeatedly while improving your SEO. Over time, we see more targeted traffic arriving at your website, and we see a reduction in bounce rates. We do not honestly know why loading and render times still make a difference.

After a plateau has been reached, the loading and render times are adjusted, and it always seems to make a difference to how search engine friendly the website is.

The longer the render and loading times are, the less attention the website receives, and this seems to be a universal rule. It doesn’t matter if we are adjusting and optimizing a bitcoin website or a single-page online leaflet for a service station.

What Can be Done?

If you are not willing to spend money on VPN or buying your own server, then you need to optimize your website first, and then start looking for a host that offers faster loading times. However, the first thing you need to do is make sure your website is fully optimized, otherwise your efforts to find a new host would be like putting premium gasoline in a rusty tractor and expecting it to win races.