Why Is Link Quality More Important Than Quantity?

Link building is vital for your site’s ranking. But link quality is more important than quantity. Before, the more links you get, regardless of the source, the better your site’s ranking will be. But it has changed now considering how smart the search engines have become. Google, for example, punishes websites that build hundreds of thousands of links on spammy websites.

Hence, a link from a popular website or blog can give you better value than a hundred links from various sources. The reason for this is that Google gives importance to trustworthy websites. Thus, if you receive a link from CNN.com or nationalgeographic.com, the link is already considered as an editorial seal of approval.

But some links have a rel=nofollow tag, which tells the search engine not to view the link. Then again, this kind of link can still offer some benefits. It is also more powerful than getting a few dozen links from lower-quality sites.

If you wish to carry out a link-building campaign, you can email the website owner to ask for a link. But when you do, make sure to keep the message short and straightforward. And stay relevant. In other words, if your website is related to health, you should ask for links from bloggers or sites related to healthy living.

Link Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

Should you pay for a link?

You must never pay for a link because Google penalizes websites that participate in link buying schemes.

Then again, before you ask for a link from other websites, make sure that you are requesting a link from the quality content of your site. By quality, it means that people would want to read or share it with their friends.

Link building takes small steps. Focus on creating the best content on your site. In this way, you don’t need to ask for a link. Your readers and other websites owners will share it with their friends and visitors if you make the best content on your site. Then, provide valuable resources on your page that your visitors will want to share.

However, you can still reach out to influencers in your industry and ask for links. If you approach them and they see that your site only offers excellent content, it’ll be easier for you to get the links that you need to rank higher.

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