Link Building: The Do’s and Don’ts You Must be Aware of

Link Building The Dos and Donts You Must be Aware of

Link building is tricky, especially if you are doing it on your own. That’s why many LA companies talk to our SEO expert Danny to help them in building links to boost their sites’ ranking. 

SEO Expert Danny’s List of Best Practices in Link Building

Provide Relevant, High-Quality Content 

You can’t ask a webmaster to link to your page if it does not offer value to their audience. To provide value to the targeted audience, you must produce quality content. Linkable assets include white papers, blog posts, infographics, and so much more. In other words, if you want site owners to link to your pages, make sure that they are non-branded. If the content is more of a sales pitch, then no one would link to your site. 

Choose to Gain Links on Authoritative Sites

The quality of the links must take precedence over quantity. Thus, pursue opportunities on authoritative news, educational sites, government-owned sites, and reputable organizations. 

Adopt a Holistic Approach 

Link building is not a one-off project. It takes time to see results. That’s why you need to build relationships with other site owners, webmasters, journalists, and bloggers. And make sure that you consistently produce high-quality content. Even though it takes a lot of time to see the results, it is well worth the investment.

The Don’ts of Link Building 

Avoid Links from Low-Quality Blogs and Spammy Sites 

Although building as many links as possible is necessary to boost your ranking and site’s authority, you must resist the temptation of getting links from those spammy sites and link directories. These sites can only put your site at risk of getting penalized. 

One way to tell if a site is spammy is to visit the site itself. If it is overrun with ads and contains a lot of underside content, then, don’t bother. This type of site doesn’t usually provide value to its audience. 

Avoid Specific Anchor Tea 

Specific anchor text is already outdated. Google considers it an unnatural link. To avoid the risk of being penalized, make sure to allow the webmasters to decide on the anchor text to use when adding your link. 

Avoid Link Exchange Schemes

They used to work years ago. However, this type of link-building strategy is no longer allowed. If Google notices that there are various links exchanged by two domains, it will flag it. But you don’t have to avoid link exchange schemes entirely. Just be selective. Choose to give reciprocal links to relevant sites in your industry. Make sure that the site provides value to your audience. 

If the tactic you wish to experiment on aims to manipulate Google’s search engine ranking, then you should stop and think twice. Keep in mind that Google frowns upon black-hat tactics. And if it finds that your site is using them, then it will surely penalize your site. 

To know more about how to build backlinks to your site, go ahead and ask our SEO expert Danny Star. Call him at: (855) 605-7361.