Why Link Building Still Matters?

Why Link Building Still Matters

Link building is as important as it was before in the past. But some things have changed in SEO. Google stated that there were hundreds of ranking factors. However, it was also revealed that links and content are top ranking signals.

While you wish to gain as many links as possible, you should focus on trust and quality and not quantity. You should take exact match anchor text to the backseat.

But why links are still vital from an SEO perspective?

Quality Means Quality

A link is regarded as a vote of confidence. It’s true. But Google and other search engines changed their algorithm to discourage people in gaming the system by purchasing backlinks or making comment spam.

Because of the changes in their algorithm, you should only receive links from related, trustworthy websites. But don’t just seek as many links as you can. Instead, you should turn your attention to securing those links from the highest quality sites.

Offers long-term success

Some successful business owners do spend up to $15k a month on their link building strategy. It proves that this approach is indeed vital for their SEO.

However, there’s one important factor of link building that some people tend to overlook. If it’s done properly, it can offer your company long-term success.

You may be thinking more about short-term benefits. But don’t think small. High-quality links are links that will strengthen your site’s position and build authority.

Then again, if you wish to make link-building a long-term strategy, make sure that you play by the rules and avoid spamming.

Link Building Still Matters?

Domain authority

Google didn’t emphasize that domain authority will have a stronger impact on search engine ranking.

However, it’s a good indicator of how well your site ranks for a particular keyword.

Domain authority, by the way, is a term developed by Moz that predicts how a site ranks on search engines.

While you’re earning high-quality links, your domain authority increases. As a result, you can expect your score to reflect the ability of your site to have better search engine ranking.

Most B2B marketers are saying that SEO offers them the biggest impact when it comes to their lead generation. That said, you can’t ignore the benefits of link building.

Although the SEO game changes frequently, link building will remain vital when it comes to search results.

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