Build Your SEO Campaign Through Link Building

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Backlinks remain popular. Link building strategy may have changed throughout the years, but they never lost their charm. That’s why our SEO experts include it as top factors in building SEO campaigns for our clients.

Even beyond 2019, backlinks will stay beneficial and useful to those who wish to optimize their site. You need backlinks for your site so that the search engines will rank it well.

However, link building can be tedious. For smart website owners, they usually just hire a reputable SEO professional, like Danny Star, to help them create and perform link building strategies.

Offsite Link Building Strategies

Link building is an offsite strategy for your SEO campaign. There is no need to wait until your existing content is optimized.

You can begin link building right away. Then again, our SEO experts recommend completing the content optimization first. In that way, you can see the SEO benefits through your link building efforts.

Before you start your link building campaign, make sure that you have read the ethics and best practices of link building as provided by Google. The most effective way to discover possible links is to use a tool that can show your competition’s link profile.

At SEO Expert Danny, this task is part of our service. We scour our clients’ competitors and look at their backlinks.

We use different tools that can build links from potential sites. Our SEO experts will only link your site to high-quality sites that enjoy high traffic and robust social media presence.

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Influencers to Build Links

There are several ways to build backlinks to your site. And one of them is to find the right influencers. When discovering influencers, you must perform thorough research. But first, you must get in-depth information about your product and audience.

It is also vital to identify the social media users who are building a following by publishing content about your niche. Know more about their audience.

However, the use of influencers to help you build links and brand can break the bank. It is especially true if you are trying to obtain high-profile individuals. If your budget is tight, try micro-influencers instead.

You should also consider building relationships with other people in your industry. So, yes, it is beneficial to link to your competitors. However, you need to build relationships with those individuals behind those related sites. Building links in 2019 requires fostering relationships and earning friends.

How? You may attend conferences and industry shows. Communicate with those in your industry and start building relationships with them. When you build your links through relationships, they can surely last.

But the problem with link building is that it is a tiresome process. Also, it is difficult to see the results right away. Then again, it is vital for search engine optimization. If you do not have time to perform link building yourself, consider talking to an SEO expert.

Our SEO experts here at SEO Expert Danny can assist you in building links to boost your search engine optimization campaign. Call us today for an initial consultation:  +1 (213) 322-0770.