Lessons From Healthcare Marketing on TikTok 

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“Is it really worth it to market on TikTok? It’s just going to be young people there.” 

Since we’ve begun offering TikTok marketing packages, we’ve heard multiple versions of that same sentiment. 

Yes, as the statistics show, a majority of TikTok’s users are younger than 30. 

However, that does mean roughly 40% of their users are over 30. 

With the unique nature of the platform, you may be able to reach folks you can’t anywhere else. 

Moreover, all of those people are going to need healthcare. They’ll also likely need your business, too. 

The idea that “TikTok is just teenagers” is incorrect. 

In any number of industries, you can use TikTok to reach out to more potential customers. As part of my daily reading for our full-service digital marketing and professional web design company, I was reminded of that while reading this article about healthcare marketing. 


Human Touch on Difficult Subjects 


As the article says, TikTok became “2020’s most downloaded app, with more than two billion users welcoming it onto their phones.” 

What struck me was the line about how TikTok’s “inherent goofiness makes users more open-minded to health messages. ‘People sometimes tune you out when you’re trying to teach them something about their health, because who wants another lecture about smoking? TikTok makes (learning about health) fun, so if a doctor comes up with a zany way of giving you five facts about an illness, it sticks.” 

Obviously, you can see how this would work with a healthcare or rehab facility. 

That said, it could help quite a bit with your company, too. 

I don’t necessarily like the word “goofiness.”

I think a better word in this context is “humanity.” Too often, what might be described as “goofy” is one person being honest and vulnerable in a way’s fun and a bit silly. 

That’s what can probably be used in your business. 

A video of your staff dancing or relaxing at the end of the shift. A clip of your shelves being stocked really fast set to some fun song. These can be described as a bit “goofy,” sure. But, they can also show a real, genuine, human touch to your business. Those are, of course, just a couple ideas. There are many, many others. 



Earned Media = Reviews 


In all digital marketing, online reviews are important. 

It’s the online version of “word of mouth.” This social proof shows potential customers/clients that you can do the job right. 

TikTok and other similar platforms (although TikTok can be especially good at this) can, if you do things right, get you earned media. 

If you go back to the article, you’ll find that there are multiple examples of people making videos based on one healthcare marketing plan or another. They’re participating in hashtags, they’re sharing the videos, that kind of thing. 

That may not take the place of online reviews which are so, so critical to healthcare. But, they can help. 

Leveraging these platforms properly can help you to connect to potential customers you didn’t know were out there. Then, those customers can help you to find even more. 

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