Learning How To Optimize Adwords Account

Learning How To Optimize Adwords Account
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No matter how successful your marketing campaign is, it’s still vital to review it now and then. If you’re a PPC professional, it’s best that you analyze some elements of your campaign that you might have overlooked. If your business slows down in a particular season, you can’t afford to miss the big items, like campaigns, leads, and sales. To polish your setting and features, here are some hidden elements that are worth examining.


Google now recommends users to allow permission to add ad extensions to online ads automatically. The extensions can expand the real estate, thereby, boosting ad performance. Automated extensions will let you have large ads and better chances of winning new clients or customers. But be careful in granting this kind of blanket approval. As a team, you and your team members may be following an approval process that ensures everything is perfect before the ads go live. That said, don’t allow Google to add new elements based on its algorithm without your knowledge. Remember that its algorithm can go wrong. If it does, your ad performance will suffer.

You always have the right to be wary. You may not allow automatic snippets or call extensions for a particular campaign. You may opt out of extensions if you’re targeting various countries, because each country has a different phone number. Never allow Google to show an incorrect number. Make sure to use the extensions only to individual accounts. Your choices can vary for every account. That said, make sure to review your options and find out if they’re still making sense with your campaign.

Learning How To Optimize Adwords Account

Ad Previews

Considering your ads using Ad Preview Tool. This is another option to give you a view of your ad messaging. With it, you can find out when some of your extensions don’t display appropriately. You may also discover that your ad doesn’t show correctly on mobile or desktop. Conducting a cursory review can already reveal various hidden problems. This review also helps you perform live searches so you can check how each ad displays.

Location options

You must also examine your user locations options. This feature lets you include or exclude individuals based on their location and the places they’re interested in. Review this option to know the number of clicks you get from places that are outside your targeted areas. This is especially useful if you’re only shipping within the US. It would be a waste of time if your ad showed up people who are in Uruguay or Brazil. It’s worth examining these clicks and find out if they’re consuming your budget. Little adjustments to these areas can significantly improve your accounts over time.