Learn SEO When Designing a Website

learn SEO

At SEO Expert Danny, we constantly learn SEO to help us handle the frequent changes in Google’s search algorithm. When our clients approach us about our SEO services, they frequently asked how their web design would affect their SEO campaign. 

learn seo

The answer is “significantly.” 

For that reason, it is vital that you integrate your SEO while designing your site. In this way, you can make your site SEO-friendly. 

That said, your design and marketing teams must work closely together. Do not make the mistake of bringing your marketing after your site has been launched. 

Keep in mind that a website design without SEO will lower your ranking. Your potential customers will also leave your site seconds after arriving at your site. 

When designing a website, you must learn SEO to know that it has to be focused on the user. By that, it means the site must be simple. Less is more. 

Your web page must be easy to read with a strong call to action. Your important information must also be located above the fold.  

Fast Loading Page

Google penalizes website that loads like a turtle. Speed is one of its ranking factors. Thus, if you wish to rank higher, your site has to load fast. If you can make your site load less than a second, then that would be great for your SEO. 


SEO involves a lot of headings. And your web design must have clear headers for users. In that way, your users can easily browse your page. Then, make sure that you add some photos along with some text. The content must also be easy to understand. If your target audience is scholar, however, you must write it in their language. In general, you must keep your language as simple and to-the-point as possible. Regardless of the audience, you are targeting, make sure that it has no typos and grammatical errors. Always proofread before you publish your content. Having a simple, fast loading and easy to understand website will help you increase branding and marketing campaign. However, your effort must be continuous. In other words, after optimizing your site, you need to frequently update it, rather than leave it and hope your effort will work. As mentioned earlier, Google always changes its search algorithm. What works today might not work tomorrow. When you learn SEO, you will learn that optimizing your site takes a lot of time before you get the desired results. That’s why many businesses are opting to hire an SEO consultant to do their SEO for them. Our search engine optimization services here at SEO Expert Danny are varied. The package you need will depend on your business’ goals. That said, we must first understand what your business is before we can recommend the right SEO solutions. To help you get started to learn SEO, make sure to give us a call today and talk to one of our experts. After the initial consultation, we can give you our full recommendations on what to do with your SEO campaign. Call us at (855) 605-7361