Learn SEO Today to Boost Sales during the Holidays

Learn SEO

When is the start of the holiday season? Some of you may say late August; while others may think it is in the middle of September. Businesses know it. And if you own an eCommerce site, you must know the start of the holiday season. Before the season even starts, make sure to learn SEO so that you will have a better understanding of the strategies you can implement to help you boost your sales. 

Learn SEO

Learn SEO to Drive SEO Results this Holiday Season 

Search engine optimization is not for impatient individuals. The reason for this is that your site will not start to rank better after implementing certain strategies. You must allow Google’s search algorithm to crawl your site before it can decide whether it deserves a better ranking. September and October are the best months to optimize your site for the holidays. When November comes, online customers can find your site and purchase from there. In 2018, American online buyers spent more than $6 billion during Black Friday. 

What You Can Do Today 

Create Content with Holiday Keywords 

If your regular SEO is optimized for certain keywords that are attracting users to your site, you do not need to change your strategy. However, you can further boost your growth by checking out some keyword ideas. You may use Google Trends or Analytics to find the right keywords. From the keywords you can find on those tools, you may create a PPC campaign. Or you may use a keyword planner to find keywords in your domain and know what queries are leading users directly to your site. Find holiday keywords and collect them. Choose those long-tail keywords with high volume. They can easily attract general holiday shoppers. These keywords may also help those shoppers who are finding a specific product that you carry. If you are a local business, consider targeting localized keywords. Talk to our SEO expert today to help you in optimizing your site for local SEO, especially for the holidays. 

Make a Landing Page for Holiday Season 

Your holiday pages will rank better during the holidays than your standard product pages. They allow Google to give its users something to find. However, do not just focus on those pages. Make sure that the on-page content is also optimized for the holidays. Creating holiday content is not a mystery. Your holiday landing page must advertise your unique holiday products. It is also vital that you publish holiday content through a blog. Check out Google trends to know what articles are trending from Halloween to Christmas. Your blog posts should cover topics that can help solve a problem. Optimize the posts with appropriate holiday keywords. Optimizing your website for the holiday season can be time-consuming. As you learn SEO today, you will find that optimizing your site for the holidays may help boost sales. However, it takes some time to realize the results. Talk to our SEO experts today to help you optimize your website for the holidays: +1 (213) 322-0770