Learn SEO to Use It on Social Media Marketing

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As you learn SEO, you will also discover that social media and search engine optimization are often considered mutually exclusive marketing methods. 

learn SEO

Your tweets may appear in Google searches. However, social media links do not count in SEO ranking. 


Furthermore, those social results do not convert your leads into paying customers. Google even stated that social media is not a direct ranking factor. Then again, it can be complicated. 


But there are pieces of evidence that social signals are linked to your ranking in some ways. The higher your site in search results, the more popular your site is on social media. 


Thus, it may not be included as a ranking factor for Google. However, it can boost the ranking factors that Google is using. 


One of the many ways social media affects search engine optimization is that sharing can affect the visibility of your content. 


The more shares your content will get, the more visibility it will receive. If a lot of people can see it on social media and they like it, they will likely link to it. 


And we all know that links are a vital SEO ranking factor. 


That said, if you wish to boost your conversions or leads, you might consider amplifying your SEO efforts and social media marketing campaign. 


Optimize Social Media Profiles 

To get the most of your social media presence, you should consider optimizing your profiles. 


If you have different social media accounts, choose to use a consistent image across those accounts. It is great for your brand. 


Then, your bio must be relevant to your business but make it interesting enough to grab attention. 


Do not forget to include a relevant in your profile. It does not necessarily mean your website. But it could be your lead magnet. 


Publish Updates Regularly 

When you post regularly, your audience will know that your account is active. But make sure to know when is the best time to post. 


Keep in mind that social media sites have different “best times to post” and they all depend on your niche. 


If you are not sure how to manage your social media accounts and when to publish posts, read our articles here to learn SEO or talk to our social media expert at SEO Expert Danny. 


When you share your content, make sure to distribute it across platforms. However, customize your content first for every platform. 


Engage with Your Audience

SEO and social media can help in boosting your site traffic and conversions. However, you need to engage with your audience and amplify your campaign. 


It is the only way to make sure that you get the most of your SEO from your social media presence. 


You may use influencer marketing to further boost your campaign. Influencers will help you earn links by connecting with influencers in your content. 


It is also ideal to include local marketing as you share local content and use local influencers. 


Check out our SEO and social media packages to help you customize your post for maximum audience engagement. Call SEO Expert Danny today to learn SEO and know more about our offers: (213) 322-0770 and (855) 605-7361