Learn SEO to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing in 2020

Learn SEO

Website owners should at least learn SEO basics so they can apply them to their site and supercharge their digital marketing. Unfortunately, Google updates its algorithm frequently. Hence, it is vital that you future-proof your website so that it will still be fully optimized in 2020. 

One of the keys to the success of your online business is to use latent semantic indexing (LSI). It is not a new concept in the SEO world, though. 

Search engines utilize it to add context to the pages containing a certain keyword, thereby, providing you with better search results. 

Google rewards LSI-driven sites. Keep in mind that it cannot determine the content of a page. For that reason, it is rewarding sites that involve relevant LSI keywords with more traffic or higher rankings. 

Learn SEO and Understand the Types of User Intent 

To level up your digital marketing next year, you need to learn not just the basics of SEO but also its advanced techniques. And LSI belongs to the latter. When performing advanced SEO, it is ideal that you determine the queries your target audience wants to put into Google to get to your content. One of the intentions of users is to find information. Informational intent is on a broader scale. For example, if someone searches for workout clothes, the person simply wants to know what kind of workout clothes he can wear. Another type of intent is navigational. It is more specific. For instance, the user may wish to know what workout clothes to wear while doing yoga. Then, there is the transactional intent. It relates to buying something. In here, the user wants to know where he could purchase a yoga workout outfit. With the use of LSI keywords, you can provide a solution to the user’s intention. But you must only use relevant LSI keywords. They must add value to your content. When adding LSI keywords to your content, make sure that you are not overstuffing it with LSI keywords. You must leave out LSI keywords that do not sound natural. Learn SEO

Opt for Local SEO

In here, you need to use LSI keywords specific to your business’ location. For instance, if your business caters to California residents, you should add the word California in the phrase. For example, if you are selling yoga workout clothes in California, you would want LSI keywords to be “buy yoga workout clothes in California.” 

Hiring SEO LA Pro

If you do not have time to learn SEO and search for LSI keywords, then you must consider hiring an SEO pro. One like SEO Expert Danny. Our company will not only give you a professional SEO expert. But we will also provide a full service that solves your digital marketing issues. There are so many things going when you try to optimize your site and you may not have time to do them all. Just leave this job to the experts. You can still learn SEO basics but let our experts implement the tactics properly. To find out more about how we can help your business in boosting your digital marketing in 2020 and beyond, please give us a call at (213) 322-0770.