Learn SEO and Find Out How to Deindex your Pages

Learn SEO

One of the goals to learn SEO is how to make your pages get indexed by Google. But in some cases, you may want your pages to be out of the index. These are your low-value pages. 

Now, the question is, will deindexing give you a boost in organic traffic? Yes, but only if you do it correctly. When you get your pages out of the index, your traffic will be redirected to relevant pages, rather than unimportant pages. 

Learn SEO to Know the Reasons Removing Pages can Increase Traffic 

Too much SEO is harmful to your site’s ranking. In that case, you must never go overboard. On some occasions, you may want Google and other search engines to exclude certain web pages. One of the reasons for this is to prevent search engines from indexing duplicate content. This type of content refers to having more than one version of one of your content or pages. Two versions do not need to appear in the search results. In that case, you might want to deindex one and keep the other one. You may also want to deindex your thank you pages. If your customers will find your thank you page, they can access your offer without completing the action you want. Learn SEO

How to Deindex Your Pages

The easiest way to deindex your pages is to use a meta tag. You will have to use the “noindex” tag and “nofollow” tag. The former tag allows the search engine to crawl the page but not index it. In other words, any page with “noindex” tag will not show up in the SERP. But if you use the “nofollow” tag, it is telling the search engine to not crawl on the page. Thus, if you have ranking authority on that page, it will not be passed to the pages that it is linking out to. You can add both tags on one page. It will still depend on the goal that you wish to achieve. Remember that the noindex tag will tell the search engine to crawl your page but not index it. So, it will not show up in the SERP. But it will keep following the links found on that page. For paid landing pages, the noindex tag can be an ideal option. You do not want people to see those pages because they have to pay them first before seeing them. However, you want the linked pages to get ranking authority. 

To Index and Not to Index

You must only deindex your pages whenever necessary. Before adding those tags, make sure that you have created a plan. Keep in mind that once de-indexed, it can be difficult to be indexed again. Through the help of our SEO professionals, you will learn the proper way to de-index your pages. Our team of SEO specialists will do it on your behalf. We know what needs to be indexed and de-indexed.However, if you wish to learn SEO better, give our SEO experts a call at (855) 605-7361.