Lawyer SEO to Attract Highest Quality Clients

lawyer SEO

You may know a bit about lawyer SEO. For many, when SEO is the topic, they immediately think of keywords. 

Although keywords are vital in SEO, it takes more than keywords to catapult your site to the first page of Google. Even if you appear on the first page, it’ll be useless if the people who visit your law firm site don’t convert into paying clients. 


How Lawyer SEO Can Help? 

The goal of SEO is not just to tell the search engines to put your site on the first page but also to attract qualified people to your site. 

Our SEO service will help tweak your site so it’ll speak to the needs and concerns of your clients. 

It doesn’t matter what your law firm specializes in. Whether your firm helps people in getting a divorce, filing a personal injury complaint, or bankruptcy, your site must speak to the needs and expectations of your clients. 

And this is where high-quality content is necessary. 

To write high-quality content, you need the right keywords. They tell Google what your law firm specializes in. 

But you must not focus on writing content based on the keywords you pick. Keep in mind that search engines have become smarter and people have become more discerning.  

In that case, your site’s content must include actual topics related to your industry. Keep in mind that your visitors want to be educated before they hire you as their lawyer. 

Here at SEO Expert Danny, we manage the content of your website. We’ll research to find the topics that resonate with your audience.

Our team will specifically choose topics that are ranking well and produce high-quality content about them. 

But before we can find the right topics for your site, we need to define your client’s personas. 

As mentioned, your content has to resonate well with your specific audience. Not all people looking for a lawyer can be your clients. 

To laser-focus your content, you need to craft a post written for someone ready to hire a lawyer today. It won’t be someone who’s just researching for a lawyer. It has to be a person who needs an attorney right now. 

A client persona will represent these types of people. They are the people who will be your best clients. 


What Type of Content to Publish? 

When people talk of content, they immediately think of blog posts. But a blog post is just one form of content. 

You can publish audio and visual content as well. Although the written words are useful, you must not ignore the benefits of audio and visuals. 

Start creating podcasts. They are easy to produce. You just need to get on the air and explain in detail the subject at hand. Explain to your audience what personal injury is or the types of bankruptcy they can file. 

What’s the best content for your law firm website? 

The only way to find out is to analyze your current traffic. Our lawyer SEO will do that. We have the right tools to assist us in putting your website under the microscope so we can dive deeper into it. Call us today for a consultation: (855) 605-7361.