Lawyer SEO Marketing: Do You Need SEO for Your Modern Law Firm?

lawyer SEO marketing

Every modern law firm needs new clients every day to survive. Indeed, there are online marketing methods you can implement. But nothing close to the benefits of lawyer SEO marketing.


Lawyer SEO Marketing and Organic Search 

Nothing can beat the power of organic search. But to earn the benefits of organic search, your legal site has to rank high in Google search results. The only way to make that happen is to implement an effective SEO. 

When people look for legal advice, they use search engines. Although there are plenty of search engines available, the most popular is Google. 

Many of these people don’t need to hire a particular lawyer. Rather, they simply want some legal advice from a real attorney. 

Most of the legal searches are non-branded. It means that individuals who want legal advice are searching for, say, “Los Angeles divorce lawyer” or “LA bankruptcy attorney.” 

These searchers always click on the links that appeared not on the first page of the search engine results page. If your legal site isn’t on the first page, then your potential clients are likely to ignore you. 


What Can You Do? 

To appear on top of the first page, you need to improve your site’s ranking. It’s quite challenging to achieve it without the help of an SEO expert. 

SEO is a challenging aspect of marketing. But if you hit it the right way, it can bring in more traffic to your site. 

However, you don’t need just traffic. It has to be qualified traffic. It means that the people going to your website must convert. 

The good thing is that more than 70% of people who visit a law firm’s site take some action. For instance, they sign up for a newsletter, call the law firm for advice, read its blog posts or leave a message. 

If you still have second thoughts on hiring a lawyer SEO agency, then you must remember that your competitors are already doing it. 

Your competitors have already seen the desired results. If your competitor down the street has more clientele than you, then you can be sure that it has already implemented SEO on its legal website. 

But it’s not too late yet. You can start working with an SEO agency to help boost your site’s traffic and ranking. 

By choosing an SEO agency to handle the SEO part, you can be sure that your firm’s website will soon occupy the first page of Google’s SERP. 

Remember that searchers don’t click beyond the first page. The only people who do so are desperate enough to find an answer. If your website isn’t in the top ten, then you need to change it now. 

However, hiring an SEO agency for your online marketing doesn’t only mean getting more traffic. Rather, it also means providing more return on your investment. 

Furthermore, your legal website and your law firm will appear to be more credible than your competitors. 


How to Start Marketing Your Legal Website 

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