Lawyer SEO Marketing: The Importance of Google My Business Profile

lawyer SEO marketing

Google My Business Profile is a convenient tool to manage your legal site’s presence online. It’s simple to update. If you use our lawyer SEO marketing service, we’ll adjust it for you. 

But you may wonder why it’s an important part of your marketing campaign? 

The information about your law firm on GMP must be accurate to build trust with your clients. It also enhances your SEO. 

Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, it makes sense to boost your online presence. It’s also an effective tool to connect with your clients. 


Lawyer SEO Marketing in Helping You Form a Bond with Your Clients 

You won’t build a huge list of clientele without building first a lasting bond with your existing clients. 

One way to do that is to satisfy their needs. If a prospective client can find your law business online, it immediately creates a bond between you and the client. 

GMP opens a lot of opportunities where your clients can comment or ask questions. It’s an online space for them to review your law practice. 

When you allow them to write what they think about your legal business, you’re building trust. Reviews are vital for your clients to get to know your business first before they even step foot in your office. 

Your clients are discerning people. They know if you’re just boosting your legal business’ name. 

By allowing your existing and past clients to review your legal business, you’re encouraging them to tell other people to hire your legal company or not. From your clients’ point of view, you’re not afraid to show how you do business. 


Boost Local Search Visibility 

When you set up your GMP listing, you’re boosting your chances of getting found online. Keep in mind that search queries are getting more geographically specific. 

Furthermore, Google’s algorithm is updated to consider user intent. 

When someone looks for a law firm in, say, Glendale, Google will return a list of firms based on the user’s location. If you appear on the list, your GMP page will also show up, which is a step closer to attracting a potential client. 

In that case, if you wish to be found in local searches, you need to update or add your business to the GMP listing. 


Optimize GMP Page 

However, it’s not sufficient to have a GMP page. You need to optimize it to ensure that your clients can find you. 

When your potential clients see your business in the search results, they may click on your business to know more about your information. 

If you didn’t place an accurate business address and contact information, you’re making it difficult for them to contact you. 

If that’s the case, they just move to another legal business. It means you lose that client. 

But how can you fully optimize your GMP page? 

Let’s handle it for you. We’ll take a look at your current page and we’ll recommend some adjustments. Call our lawyer SEO marketing company today for a consultation. Please dial (855) 605-7361 .