Lawyer Marketing Company to Optimize Zero-Click Searches

lawyer marketing company

Improving search ranking is good for your business. Yes, even to your legal site. Many lawyers now are working with a lawyer marketing company to help them improve their SEO. 

But why it’s important? 

SEO is about optimizing your legal site to ensure that it appears at the top of the search results.

However, many Google searches now require no further clicks to a property. They are called zero-click searches. 

You may think that they are your adversary. However, if you understand how it works, they can help you boost your legal site’s traffic and conversions. 


Can a Lawyer Marketing Company Help? 

Zero-click searches can cause a drop in your traffic volume. That is if you compete with Google. Since you’re in the legal industry, you can ride the trend and use zero-click searches to increase your traffic. 

And this is where our SEO professionals can help. We’ll work to optimize your pages for rich snippets as they are more important than ever. They can assist your business in standing out from other search results. 

With snippets, you’re giving users the answer to their query before they even click on your page. In the long run, they can improve your page ranking. 

Now, how are you going to optimize your site to rank well in zero-click searches? 

The initial step you can do is to search for your competitors’ snippets. You can use any tool that finds featured snippets. 

When you know the snippets your competitors are using to earn, then you can work on your page to optimize your content for the same topics. 

But monitor the variations of the other keywords. They can help you rank too. 

When finding snippet opportunities, you can use Google. Just think like your user or audience. What do you think are the questions of the people who try to look for answers? 

Then, type in those questions on Google. You can read through the snippets for every question. 

Now, you can steal your competitor’s snippets with little effort.


Questions and Answers 

Featured snippets typically bring up answers to users’ questions, like how, where, who, and where. 

You may use Reddit or Quora to find the most commonly asked questions in your niche. 

However, before you answer those questions, you must do keyword research. This will ensure that there are people who are searching for those questions. 

It will also guarantee that the keywords are SEO-friendly. 


Research Keywords 

Yes, it’s an old SEO strategy but it works even on featured snippets. Type in a keyword and find out if it brings up featured results. 

When you know the right keywords to use to be featured in zero-click searches, you must keep your writing concise. In that way, your post will likely be featured on Google. 

Typically, a featured snippet includes up to 50 words. 


Need Help in Optimizing Featured Snippets? 

If you rather ask for help, then allow our lawyer marketing company to help your page land on featured snippets. Give us a call today for a consultation: (855) 605-7361