Lawyer Marketing Company: Finding Your First Clients

lawyer marketing company

The job market for lawyers has become saturated. Because of that, more lawyers are starting their practice. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find clients. 

You may start a website to ensure that your prospective clients will notice your existence. Even a gorgeous website isn’t enough without partnering with a lawyer marketing company.


Kickstarting Your Legal Career with the Help of a Law Marketing Company

Finding your first clients isn’t the hardest. It’s maintaining them that gets complicated. 

And this is why marketing your practice online is essential. 

You may focus on advertising your practice on social media. But it’s not sustainable. Also, social media traffic isn’t a qualified lead. 

For that reason, many law firms and lawyers choose to hire a lawyer marketing service to help them promote their practice. 


What the Lawyer Marketing Company Can Do? 

Most legal practices now are being promoted online. To help you compete effectively, you need to conduct competitor research. 

Here at SEO Expert Danny, our team will perform thorough competitor research to know the success behind your competitors. 

From the data we gather, we prioritize the keywords that your competitors are using and frame them to appropriately fit your offers. 

The data will also be used to create a compelling ad copy. 


Setting Up Geo-Targeting Correctly 

Your clients won’t travel miles away just to get to your office unless you’re the only lawyer that can help them. 

Geo-targeting doesn’t only guarantee to improve your site’s relevance but it’s also a way to get qualified traffic. It means that the people who land on your site are from the area you practice. 

Our team will focus on getting clients within the city where your law office is situated. This will prevent targeting people from outside the state or the US. 


Building a Brand 

Branding isn’t just for clothing companies but it’s essential to any type of business. 

But when you talk of branding you may immediately consider having expensive business cards. 

However, that’s not all branding can do. Rather, building a brand for your law practice means that you require the right message. 

It has to be based on the fundamentals of the image you wish your clients will see. 

We can help you build your own brand by dissecting what makes you practice unique. For instance, if you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, your unique character can be a friendly attorney. 

Our team will brainstorm to find the right message that resonates well with your clients. 


Credibility and Authority 

Your brand as a lawyer must be built properly to ensure that you demonstrate credibility and authority. If you don’t have clients yet, you may build your credibility by starting a blog. 

The site’s blog can be your avenue to share your expertise. Communicate to your audience what you can do and how you’ll deliver it. 

Then, our team will run an SEO campaign so that your site will be visible on search results. Your site has to be on the first page of the search engine results page to get traffic and clicks. 


Ready to Hire a Marketing Firm? 

Marketing your law practice can be complex. But our lawyer marketing company is here to assist you. Call us for consultation: (855) 605-7361.