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Have you started to write a blog for your law firm but then don’t know what to do? Does it feel like it’s so much harder to write a blog for your law firm than it should be? Writing content for your firm is critically important. Not only will it help your law firm SEO, it’ll show your authority, assure prospective clients that you can be trusted, and so much more. But, to do all of that, you need to have great content. 

Here at Website Depot, we provide plenty of great, beneficial content for our lawyer clients. While many of our writers have experience in the legal fields, we aren’t lawyers. Rather, we’re SEO experts who know how to construct content in such a way that it provides the best ROI in terms of SEO. 

law firm SEO

What’s in a Title? 

You’ve done your keyword research and you’ve found the keywords that you want to rank for. So, you sit down and start writing, using that keyword in the title. As you write, you find that what you’ve created goes a bit far afield of what your title was. That’s fine. Just be sure to go back and change it. The last thing you want is a title that doesn’t match any query that a user typed into Google. 

For example, we’ve had plenty of clients who create blogs with titles like “Personal Injury Attorney Benefits,” or something similar. That can be a very beneficial blog, as it demonstrates how you can help, why folks should turn to you, and so forth. Moreover, it is also informational, providing a kind of valuable information that people may not have already had. 

But, if your title is something like that, you want to stick to that. That doesn’t mean that every word has to be about a different benefit of working with a personal injury attorney, but it does mean that you don’t want to go off for three hundred words (of six hundred) about why accidents involving big rigs can be so much more dangerous than those involving any other kind of vehicle. 

There’s nothing wrong with taking writing that would’ve gone to one blog or one piece of content and using it for another. We do that all of the time here. During the writing of this blog alone, I’ve found myself writing about best practices for where to share your blogs which doesn’t exactly fit this one blog I’m writing. But, that doesn’t mean I just eliminate the writing. Instead, I put it in a Google Doc so that, when I need an idea another time, it’ll be there for me. 

Through doing that, you’ll not only make sure that you’re writing great content today, but that you’ll be writing it tomorrow, too. 

law firm SEO

When in Doubt, Answer 

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with a shorter blog. There are plenty of places that have been very successful using shorter, more concise blogs to get their point across. But, it can be advantageous to your authority to be able to provide comprehensive content, content that demonstrates your expertise in a lengthy and ultimately undeniable way. 

We’ve talked to our lawyers who create their own content and they’ll often tell us something like: “I come out strong for the first few paragraphs, the first two hundred or so words. But then, something goes wrong and I just can’t find it anymore. I don’t know what to write.” That’s perfectly understandable. You want to provide quality content. The last thing you want to do is to “stuff” or “fill,” writing words simply to write words. Google doesn’t want that and neither do prospective clients. 

If you’ve read these blogs in the past, you know that we advocate asking yourself: “am I providing enough value?” That’s always a great question to ask. Another: “am I answering the questions that people might have?” If you can do that, then you can find what the rest of your blog should be about. 

One strategy that some content writers use: they think of questions that someone might have about the keyword and then populate the content that way. Then, you can always create content that answers a question someone is asking. 

To use an example, return to our hypothetical “personal injury attorney benefits” blog. Maybe you filled the first paragraph with so many of the benefits that there aren’t many left. Sure, you could cut the blog short. Or, you can have the next heading be something like “Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney to Deal with the Insurance Company” or something like that. Another example: “How Much Will a Personal Injury Attorney Cost?” 

Those are keeping with the same topic while still providing plenty of value. 

law firm SEO

Law Firm SEO Professionals 

The truth is that we don’t have many lawyer clients who ask us for tips about their content anymore. Why? Because we handle their content for them. To be clear, “content,” in this context, does not just mean blogs, landing pages, bio pages, web pages, and the like. It also means podcasts, videos, social media, and so much more. 

We don’t just provide content here, either. We have an entire dedicated team of web developers, videographers, editors, SEO experts, podcasters, writers, and more that can help your law firm to rise through the rankings. For a free consultation with our pros to see how we can help your law firm SEO, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.