How to Know When You Are Dealing With a Real SEO Pro

For many businesses, ripping people off is how they make their profit and they will do whatever possible to squeeze the most money, the quickest way, out of their very own customers. Companies who specialize in performing services that not many people are capable of doing or most people do not fully understand are the ones who are the guiltiest of these transgressions. Which is why it is absolutely to be cautious of SEO services who claim to be professionals, but actually are doing unsavory practices that can result in getting reindex by Google. At SEO Expert Danny, we are trusted Google partners who are invested in our customers and do not risk our reputation for a quick buck. Read on to learn more about why SEO Expert Danny is considered a real SEO pro by his customers.

Follows Your Vision

A major indicator that you are not dealing with an SEO pro is if they do not ask you what you want these SEO services to do for your website and company indepth. An SEO professional will be concerned with following the guidelines that you have for your brand and regularly consult with you to make sure our services are following your vision. SEO amateurs or companies who are not concerned with the well-being of their clients will not ask these questions and just assume you want fast results in a short amount of time no matter what the cost. At SEO Expert Danny we work with our customers to figure out exactly what they want from the start, and continually check up with them so that there are no discrepancies.

How to Know When You Are Dealing With a Real SEO Pro

Does Not Hide

A novice SEO service will not be open to educating their customers and explaining their tactics with this clients. However, at SEO Expert Danny, we explain our services during our consultations and encourage our clients to probe us with questions about the logistics of our SEO services.

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