Keywords: Powerful but Not Magic 

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“Magic words” are one of the most popular, powerful tropes in fiction. If you say the right words, in the proper way at the correct time, then you can bend reality to your will. From the Arthurian Legends to Harry Potter and literally millions of examples in between, the concept of “magic words” have been with mankind since the very beginning. 


In digital marketing, it’s common to think that “keywords” are the modern equivalent of magic words. If you use the right keywords in the proper way at the correct time, then you can bend the internet to your will. You can raise your ROI to the heavens, so to speak. Yes, keywords are very powerful and can help your business. But, just like magic words in stories, they have to be used properly. 


In Moderation 


There are few things that can put someone off more than keyword stuffing. You know it as soon as you see it. Usually, it’s a blog post although it can also be social media. It may have all kinds of words in bold or perhaps Capitalized for No Reason. The content may also be laid out in a format that’s grammatically incorrect, and genuinely hard to read. 


At times, it can almost read like a form of online marketing Mad Lib. Like: “We have (Keyword) that will give you the best (Very Similar to the First Keyword) (Your Location) plus (Another Keyword) (Nearby Location).” 


It’s the kind of thing that you’ll know as soon as you see it. Here’s the thing: you know when you see it and now Google does, too. That, as you might imagine, negates the entire point of this keyword stuffing. 


Google Wants Better Sources to Rank Higher 


There’s something naive about the idea of keyword stuffing in 2020. To believe it will work, a person would have to genuinely think that grammatically incorrect content which any reader would recognize as not useful will, somehow, slip past Google, the most powerful search engine in the world. Perhaps you see the problem with this thinking. 

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The truth is that Google wants the best, most useful sources to be at the top of the rankings. After all, that’s one of the ways that Google protects their brand. If everyone went to Google and found useless links on the first page, fewer and fewer people would use Google. That’s the last thing Google wants. 


So, Google has a vested interest in making sure that the links which go to the top of their rankings are the absolute best. This, of course, means using keywords (and everything else) properly. 


Keywords and Beyond 


Keywords are an important part of how we can help you to rise in those rankings. However, they’re far from the only way that we can do so. They’re one part of it. Web design, social media, content, branding, online reputation management, and more — when they all work together, hand in hand, what’s best about your business can stand out. 


The real “magic” comes not from the keywords, but from showcasing what’s best about your business. To learn more about how it all works, we’re glad to talk at (888) 477-9540.