Keeping Clients Up to Date as Google Marketing Updates 

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 Are you up on all of the upcoming changes to Google marketing? Do you know how they could potentially update your business? 

Yesterday, Vice President/General Manager, Ads at Google, Jerry Dischler, wrote up this summary in anticipation of their Google Marketing Livestream. 

You can see all of this here. 

As you might imagine, this could potentially have massive ramifications for your online marketing and business, whether you’re looking for the best lawyer SEO or anything else. 



Privacy is Good for Everyone 


Google has to walk a very fine line with its marketing. 

They know that users want their privacy protected. 

Yet, they also know that their users’ information can be incredibly lucrative, and an invaluable tool for marketing. 

As Google says, “people want to know that their privacy is protected and we expect these concerns will only increase in the future.” 

You probably already know that Google has announced they “won’t build alternate identifiers once third-party cookies are phased out.” 

So, Google really is taking users’ privacy concerns seriously. 

That said, Google went on to say that “the good news is that it’s possible to improve privacy while still delivering business results.” 

So, they’re working on developing “new (advertising/marketing) technologies centered on privacy techniques like anonymization, aggregation and on-device processing designed to support key advertising use cases such as interest-based ads, measurement and more. 



Doing More to Help More Businesses 


One way that Google is very committed to helping businesses: through accurate measurement of marketing. With the soon-to-be inclusion of “Display and YouTube, as well as in-app conversions, in all Google Ads attribution models, including data-driven attribution powered by Google’s machine learning,” that will help to “properly value the impact of all your Google Ads campaigns. 

Additionally, the availability of “Customer Match” will expand to “nearly all advertisers to reach and re-engage customers across ad types.” 

Google went on to say that “As we look to the future, you can expect to see more innovations like these to help with your transition to a privacy-first world.” 

Essentially, Google understands that all of these privacy changes may be a bit cumbersome for some business owners and marketers. So, they’re doing plenty to make the transition easier. 

Specifically, they’re offering powerful tools that can allow business owners/marketers to get more out of their marketing. 



Keeping Track of All This for Our Clients 


Later, there’s a heading called “Improving automation with better performance.”

The idea is that “advertisers are applying automation to more aspects of their campaigns than ever before – from automatically assembling and selecting the best-performing creatives with responsive search ads, to finding more search queries that perform using broad match keywords, and setting the right bid for every auction by factoring in a wide range of signals that predict performance using Smart Bidding.” 

Now, as a business owner, you might read that and think: “that sounds great… but I’m not 100% sure what it means.” 

That’s where a company like ours can come in. 

For so many of our clients, we can handle all of that for them. Our clients don’t have to worry about this. We optimize it for them.  That way, they’re getting the most out of all of Google’s changes while also getting the most out of their day, too. 

For help with this or anything else related to growing your business online, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.