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Have you been trying to think of another way to bring more people to your site? Are you writing blogs, putting out videos, and making other kinds of content that just aren’t leading to the conversions you’re looking for? As a content creator for an omnichannel digital marketing agency, I can tell you all about the importance of creating content across many, many different platforms in many, many different ways. But, when you’re doing all of that, don’t forget about FAQs. There’s a lot of reasons we offer them in many of our SEO services


Good, quality, well-written FAQs can help your site as well as your company in a variety of ways. 


How to Find Your FAQs 


One of the first questions I’m often asked by clients about their frequently asked questions are, well, “what should we write about?” After all, not every company is going to have customers that they’ll speak to often, that will ask them questions frequently. 


A great way around this: use your FAQs to clear up misconceptions. You know what misunderstandings potential customers/clients have about your business. Use your FAQs to dispel those myths, to tell them the truth. 


Alongside that, write about the simple basics of your business. In terms of writing FAQs, I’ve found there’s really nothing that can be classified as “too simple” or “too basic.” 


In terms of your blogs or your service pages, sure, maybe you’re a bit reticent to write about the most simple basics in terms of your company. To use an example from here at Website Depot, many of our clients are rehab and treatment centers. So, their blogs are often about specific services they offer, patients they can treat, and so forth. Thus, there may not be much room for that which is most basic, most fundamental. 


But, in a FAQ, you absolutely have room for that, so to speak. You can have a FAQ of: “what does your rehab do?” That’s perfectly acceptable for a FAQ. You can use these to answer those questions that your potential customers and clients may be afraid to ask. After all, it’s not like these FAQs are very long. 


Just the Facts


Yes, it’s not just a line from a very half-remembered (at best) TV show. FAQs don’t have to be long. Indeed, they probably shouldn’t be unless the question demands it. You have blogs, service pages, and more to go in-depth, to answer questions with hundreds of words. A FAQ should be as long as it takes to answer the question 


Now, you may choose to go a bit beyond simply answering the question. But, if you do so, make sure it adds something. For example, if you’re writing about legal matters, there’s nothing wrong with citing the actual laws at the end of the FAQ. Writing it almost like AP format: at the top, there’s the answer to your question. Then, at the bottom, there’s the laws. 

Giving too much information in a FAQ can be confusing. An analogy I use here at Website Depot often: 


Imagine someone asks you “where is the bathroom?” They want to hear “it’s right down the hall on the left.”


They do not want to hear “the idea of the modern bathroom originally comes from the Roman Empire with the creation of the Aquaduct. For further reading, I cite…” 


No. They want to know where the bathroom is. Answer that and you’ve got a good FAQ. 

Greg Benevent - Website Depot - SEO Services

Greg Benevent Content Writer from Website Depot



Regardless of what industry you’re in, I’m willing to bet that it changes often. There’s something new coming out, or something fundamental that has been changed recently, and so forth. Include that in your FAQs. 


FAQs should be updated often. As your potential customers/clients questions change, so too should the answers you provide. The more solutions your FAQ page provides, the more users are likely to think that you can provide solutions. When in doubt, update your FAQs. This is a great way to demonstrate real value for your customers. 


Show And Tell 


A FAQ, of course, doesn’t have to just be written. Sure, most of them should include text, specifically text that answers the question in full. 


But, don’t feel like you’re locked into just text. Videos that answer questions, infographics, pictures, examples, and more – those can all help. 


Really, the best FAQs incorporate all of it. Just having a “video FAQ,” in isolation, may not be the best idea. It’s always easier to read something than it is to watch a video, even a short one. But, having text that answers the question alongside videos that answer the question with pictures that also answer the question – that’s a strong FAQ indeed. 


One of Our SEO Services 


FAQs can be a great part of your site, of your content, helping your customers while helping you to bolster your authority and more. But, they’re just one part. To have a truly great strategy that’s going to help your company grow, it requires much, much more than that. 


Video content, written content, blogs, service pages, podcasting, social media, and more – that’s just the beginning. (Indeed, those are just the things I work on here.) There’s so much more to it – web design, Google ads, and more. We can help with it all. Schedule a free consultation with our pros through our site or by giving us a call.