Just About No Form of Marketing is Ever “Dead,” But… 

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“Is email marketing dead?”
“Has the time for direct marketing ended?” 

Just about every day, I read marketing articles for our full service digital marketing and web design in Los Angeles company. And, just about every day, I encounter a headline like those two questions. 

A great rule of thumb: if the title of an article ends with a question mark, the answer is “no.” 

Sure, some forms of marketing aren’t as viable as they used to be. Many have been supplanted by something that can reach more people or target more folks directly. 

Instead of asking “is (a form of marketing) dead,” there are better questions to ask. 



“Is This Form of Marketing Right for My Company?” 


Here at Website Depot, we believe in email marketing. 

That’s for many reasons, not the least of which is that it works. It works for us, we make it work for our clients, and so forth. It works for just about any company in our modern, digital age. 

If you’ve read Danny Star’s book, you know that he encourages small to midsize businesses and marketers to go beyond digital marketing. Billboards, radio ads, bus stop ads, all that kind of thing – it can help. 

But, it might not be able to help every business. Alternatively, it might not be able to help a business as much as something else might be able to (for a better price). 

For example, say you have an online retail store. You don’t have a walk-in, in-person store, rather, your entire business is online. You’re just starting out, so you may not have the most money. 

Spending your money on digital marketing, on boosting your SEO, and especially on your web design is going to give you plenty of “bang for your buck,” so to speak. It would almost invariably give you more than if you were to splurge on a billboard, for example. 

Too often, when a business owner reads that a marketing form is “dead,” they tend to block it out of their mind. “Well, I read it’s dead. So I should never use that,” they tend to think. A better way to approach that: “perhaps that form of marketing won’t be the most effective for me right now.” 

After all, times change. If nothing else, that’s shown by how these so-called “dead” marketing methods fell out of favor in the first place. 



“Are You Executing the Marketing Properly?” 


It might not be that a form of marketing is “dead.” 

Rather, it could be one that one company or another is not utilizing it as well as they could. 

For example, if you do content marketing for your blogs, yet don’t have the right keywords in there, then it isn’t the fault of “content marketing.” Rather, it’s how things were constructed. 

Should your email marketing fail to bring in new customers (or even get your emails opened by recipients) then it very well might not be that something is lacking in the concept of “email marketing.”

Instead, it could be that the emails weren’t well-written enough. Perhaps they weren’t sent for the right reasons, to the right people, etc. 

Here at our full-service digital marketing and web design in Los Angeles company, we’re dedicated to helping folks to get more out of the right marketing for their company. For more: (888) 477-9540.