Is Quality Content Enough in Search Engine Optimization?

search engine optimization
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“Content is king,” as our own Danny Star is fond of saying. However, even that “king” needs a kingdom to have power. Without quality content, even the best search engine optimization efforts will fail. That said, “quality content,” in and of itself, is not enough to truly succeed. The good news is there are some real steps you can take to build your SEO around your quality content. 

search engine optimization

Quality Content over Quantity of Content – in Multiple Forms 

One mistake that companies sometimes make is thinking “quality content” is only “quality written content.” The days where you can stand out from the rest just by having the best blogs and landing pages have passed. 

Again, those are important. But, they aren’t going to be enough on their own. 

Instead, diversify the kind of content that you’re putting out. 

Videos, podcasts, infographics, and more – those are just some of the different kinds of content you can utilize. 

Moreover, what you’ll most likely find is that once you’ve done this, it makes it easier to develop even more quality content. 

What was covered in a podcast becomes perfect for a blog, for a short video, and so forth. 

All of that having been said, you don’t want to fall into the trap of putting out content “just to put out content.” 

Releasing a lot of content that may not be of the highest quality, simply to release it, won’t help your SEO. It’s also more likely to burn out you and/or your staff, too. 

Before you release any piece of content, consider going back through it to ensure that it offers real value. 

The competition is so fierce in SEO, no matter what industry you’re in. A company with a bit less content (but content of higher quality) is going to look better to potential customers as well as Google. 

Having a lot of mediocre-to-low quality content can hurt your efforts in multiple ways. 

search engine optimization

Devise and Execute a Successful Link Building Strategy 

Backlinking is a great way to augment your quality content in terms of SEO. 

In a perfect world, you’d be able to sit back and earn links naturally. 

However, we don’t live in that world. You want to have a strategy, clearly defined, for how you can build links so as to boost your site’s authority. 

Now, just as with content, you don’t want to rush out and buy low-quality links or anything of that ilk. Rather, you want a clear, actionable strategy you can follow so as to get backlinks to your site that is genuinely going to help. 

This is a clear sign to Google that your content is worth putting in front of users. 

Can’t Have a “Good Enough” User Experience and Technical Performance 

Even the best content, if it’s slow to load, unreliable, or doesn’t work on certain devices, won’t be able to help your SEO. 

That’s just one of the reasons to boost your technical performance as well as your user experience. 

Your website’s structure, for example, is critically important, as it makes it that much easier for folks (as well as search engines) to access your quality content. We’ve spoken before in these blogs about just how important a “responsive” website is. 

If you’re ever unsure about how the user experience at your site operates, just try to go through the entire journey yourself at your site, as if you were a customer. 

The more you can do to improve the user experience and technical performance at your site, the better you’ll be able to capitalize on the quality content that you have. 

search engine optimization

Full-Service Digital Marketing for Full-Service Search Engine Optimization

When you have quality content and your SEO isn’t doing all that great, it can be incredibly frustrating. After all, in a real way, you have perhaps the most difficult, hardest to manufacture part of SEO. It’s the other factors around it that you need. 

We can provide that. 

We’ve helped so many companies with tremendous content to get that much more out of it as well as their SEO. in fact, we’ve also helped companies that hadn’t really gotten into content marketing yet to have great content, whether it was blogs, videos, podcasts, and more. 

To schedule a free consultation with our search engine optimization professionals, call (888) 477-9540.