Is Old Content Bad for Your Ranking?

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Who says that spring cleaning is just for your home? Yes, it’s for your website’s ranking too. When you consult with any SEO expert, you will get the same answer — keeping content fresh and related is vital for SEO. Thus, every year, Danny Star, our SEO consultant, recommends giving our clients’ sites a spring clean. 

Let the SEO Expert Handle the Loose Ends 

It’s always a challenge to keep your old content fresh. Thus, most website owners wind up having orphaned content that no one can find. But when you start working with an SEO expert, you can quickly identify pages and posts without links. 

Why Outdated Content is Bad? 

Outdated content is a page or post with no links from other pages. And most likely your website has these pages. No one can find them because they didn’t get links. Google can’t also find them because of the lack of links. 

Clean Your Old content 

When you work with an SEO specialist, you don’t have to update your content by yourself. Rather, the team of the SEO company you hire will look into those posts. The goal here is to connect the pages to the site structure by inserting links from other pages on the site. However, just because a post is outdated or has no links, it doesn’t mean that you need to update it and add links. There are pages on your site that you want to keep but just leave them as is. 

Before you update your content, it’s important to know how you feel about the post. Will you miss it if you get rid of it? Did it get traffic in the past but it has lost its juices and you want to work on it? Is the page old enough is no longer relevant for your site? 

When you hire an SEO company to work on those outdated pots, the team uses a tool that can help them make finding those outdated posts a lot easier. They can look more closely at that content and determine whether it’s worth keeping. 

Deleting Pages 

Yes, some of your posts or pages on the site may need deleting. Get rid of them if you don’t have a reason to keep them. Or they are redirected to a more useful page that is related to the page you wish to rid of. 

Or you can choose to keep a page but don’t want people to find it. This is possible by adding a no index to the page. If the post is not suitable for your users today but you wish to keep it, then it’s a good idea to just hide it from other people and Google. 

The Tedious Process

Updating your old content can be a tedious process. But it’s necessary so Google can find it. If you lack the time to do it, opt to hire an SEO expert to update your orphaned content. To know more about updating old content for your SEO efforts, please contact: (213) 322-0770