Is Keyword Research Becoming a Hollow Act?

Keyword research is becoming a hollow act for several reasons. The most pressing reason is that Google and Bing are not really bothered about keywords anymore. They still matter, especially with Google images, but for the most part, you are wasting your time. Find out why in this article.

What if you Pick the Very Best Keywords?

Let’s say that you find some of the best and most perfect keywords that represent your target audience. Let’s say that you slip them into your article and into its meta keywords, your tagged keywords, your title, and so forth. Does this mean that your article will rank higher?

Search Engine Optimization

No it doesn’t. The search engines are looking for content that is popular with certain people. It doesn’t care about your keywords. What’s more, if you have to search out keywords, then doesn’t it mean that you are not accurately representing your article or web page. After all, if you were truly harvesting keywords from your web page, then wouldn’t you be able to put your content through an online phrase counter. You could then pick out the most relevant phrases and words that appear more than once.

Again, picking the very best keywords doesn’t have the search engine benefits that it used to. However, if you start adding in keywords that have nothing to do with the content you are creating/publishing, then it will not help your search engine ranking.

Keyword Hunting is Very Difficult

Due to the way that Google works, the website results you see on your computer may be completely different to what other people see on their screens when they Google the same things that you Google. This is because Google uses data it collects to guess what you would like the most, and what you like may be different to what other people like.

This changeable environment is why keyword hunting is so difficult, and so inevitably hollow. For example, let’s say that you scope out your competitors and steal their keywords. Those keywords may work well for your competitor, but not for you because those keywords do not speak to the sort of people you want to connect with.

Your Own Keyword Research has Some Merit

If you are looking for useful keyword research, then do it on your own web pages. Change the type of SEO you use for each web page and see which one does the best. See which keywords work the best in your website, and which are attracting the most attention. On the other hand, if you are looking for conversions, such as sales or affiliate advertising clicks, then you need to make sure your traffic is targeted. This means you shouldn’t be celebrating your large website viewership numbers; you should be celebrating your conversion successfully.

If you are having trouble attracting people to your website, or if you are having trouble getting the right target audience to your website, then get in touch with us at SEO Expert Danny. We can run several tests, get you a full SEO profile of your website, and then start working towards making it more search engine friendly.