Irregular Blog Posters Do Better – Try It for Yourself

This is a tough subject because people are looking for hard and fast rules on when they should post to their blog, and yet there is no sufficient answer to that question. The rules seem to vary from blog to blog, which is why we suggest you try a variety of blogging schedules.

Quality Comes First

There are various social media examples where regular posting matters more than anything else. Take the example of PewdiePie, who posted on YouTube every day for years and became the most successful YouTuber ever.

Then take the cult heroes like Lemmino, who posts at very irregular intervals, but his quality is exceptionally high to the point where people await his posts with the same vigor they await Rick and Morty episodes (being that Rick and Morty fans once waited 2+ years between season 3 and 4).

Some Topics and Genres Demand Frequent Posting

The gaming industry often demands frequent posting because there is often a lot to cover. You can run over gaming points, behind-the-scene stories, cheats, tips, opinion pieces and much more. The same goes for the news genre, movies, comic books, and TV shows. Sports is another topic that you can often post about on a daily basis without annoying your readers.

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Infrequent Posting is Better Suited For Some Genres and Topics

Most other topics and genres are suitable for infrequent posting, from political pieces to articles about antiques. If you are trying to play the “quality” angle, then try not to create a schedule for yourself. Do not force yourself to post weekly or bi-weekly because you force yourself to come up with topics and content that is sub-par as a result of the pressure you feel to produce too often.

Try it For Yourself

We at have tried a great many different ways to generate the optimum amount of targeted traffic, and we cannot say we have found a hard-and-fast rule. Some websites and blogs do far better if you post infrequently. We even worked on a financial website where we got our best results waiting three weeks and then uploading five or six full-sized articles with teasers on the home page.

When Does Quality Come Last?

Seemingly, it is posts that rely on personality where it doesn’t matter how often you post at all. We see more of this with social media influencers who are able to write nonsense and still have followers. When such people have blogs, then they cannot handle simple grammar and they write stuff that resembles the sort of nonsense a pre-schooler would write, and yet they still have followers no matter when and what they publish.

If you are pushing a brand, even if that brand is your personality, then you should definitely try a varied publishing schedule because it may be very enlightened, and perhaps that is the moral of this entire article. You need to experiment with your posting times. Try different posts at different times, try image-heavy posts and text heavy posts, recent event posts and evergreen posts, long post and short posts and see how your target audience reacts.