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Powerful Social Media Marketing
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Years ago, Flickr was the best place to share images. Then, there was the birth of Pinterest. After Facebook bought Instagram, it became an instant hit making it a powerful tool. Instagram is the most powerful social media marketing tool to share images online. Currently, it has amassed more than 400 million (and counting) users around the world. With Instagram, if your photo is worth a thousand words, you could use it as a powerful marketing tool. But how can you use it to leverage your social media marketing?

Showcase your customers

Most of the users of this social media love to generate content. That said, it’s ideal to allow your customers in showing off their creative side. Encourage your fans to share their own photos based on a theme you’ve specified.

Then, showcase those photos submitted to your own website. But you need to ask permission from them, first, before you can publish their photos with credits on your official site.

Powerful Social Media Marketing


Contests can motivate people to make them engage with your brand. If you’re in the fashion industry, for instance, you may encourage your followers to share their favorite fitness routines using a hashtag. Then, pick the best videos and give the winners a certain prize.


Another way to encourage Instagram users to follow your brand or visit your website is to offer them something, like coupons or discount codes. Although this channel is different from Twitter or Facebook, you can use it to integrate a discount code in your image.

However, Instagram-only offers must be done infrequently. In this way, you won’t be viewed as a spammer. When you do use this trick, make sure that it’s done remarkably.

When using Instagram for your social media marketing, you should make sure that you promote your brand’s personality, and don’t just focus on the products. Keep in mind that your audience wants to see more about your brand. They want to get to know your company more.

Lifestyle appeals more than just products as it resonates and engages with people.

And when you share photos to your audience, don’t be afraid to share candid photos, as well. They’re more general and personal, which will surely attract audiences.

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